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Necropolis (Doom 2016)

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Necropolis, the eleventh level of Doom (2016).



Reclaim the Crucible
Reclaim the Crucible from its tomb


Head forward to an area with yellow and blue doors (and a super shotgun if you need it) then turn left and drop down to a green teleporter that will take you to a stone tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a staircase guarded by imps and Unwilling then go down to the bottom; lost souls will appear behind you along with a mancubus. Go back up the stairs and through a gate that has just opened to face more Unwilling and a spectre guarding a skull switch, push it then turn round to dispose of two Hell knights that teleport in behind you. Go back down the stairs and turn right to confront a cyber-mancubus which you must kill to open the gate behind it, then go through to a room with some Unwilling guarding a Haste powerup. Push the skull switch on the opposite wall to trigger an encounter with cacodemons followed by imps, Hell razers, spectres, knights, a mancubus and a summoner. Killing all the demons will open a gate near the entrance revealing the yellow skull key - take it then step through the green teleporter that opens behind you to get back to the starting area.

Climb up the ledge in front of you and open the yellow door on your left, turn the switch behind it then drop down to a second green teleporter on your right, which will send you to an arena with four square platforms - mancubi will spawn here when you start moving around the room, followed by imps, cacodemons, revenants and knights. Killing these opponents will open a cage in the middle of the arena holding a quad damage powerup; take it and kill the revenants, mancubi and cyber-mancubi that appear around you to open a gate blocking the blue skull key. Take the key to open another teleporter behind you leading back to the starting area, then climb up to the blue door in front of you and open it to reveal a second switch that must be turned. Turning both switches will reveal a hole underneath the platform you are standing on, but you will have to fight off a wave of imps, pinkies, spectres, knights and two barons of Hell before you can reach it. Once the area is clear, drop down the hole to reach an underground tunnel then head down a second hole in front of you to land on some floating platforms over a void.

Kill the approaching cacodemons and jump over the floating platforms to reach a large skull marking the entrance to a cave; kill the mancubus that emerges from it and go inside to find an elite guard, then continue following the tunnel to a broken staircase with the last combat support drone on it. Climb to the top of the stairs to find a Gauss cannon then turn left to see the massive face of the Icon of Sin in front of you. To your left are some imps who are fighting with mancubi, cacodemons and revenants; expect them to turn on you when you start shooting. Go up the stairs to the next floor and follow the passage until you see some explosive barrels lining the walls; round the next corner is a baron which is facing away from you, so get a free shot in before it notices you then deal with the mancubi and spectres that appear as well. Head through the next gate and kill two cacodemons that appear near the Icon, then follow the path down to a chestplate pickup and kill the mancubi and barons that teleport in to defend it before passing through the next door. Grab all the supplies you can then head forward to a large green symbol which will teleport you to the Crucible's tomb when pressed.

Hell guards[edit]

Main article: Hell guard

To reach the Crucible you will have to defeat its Hell guard, a statue-like being that is controlled by some kind of parasite. The Hell guard is normally protected by a shield which only drops when it is about to launch an attack; this can involve the guard running towards you and trying to beat you with its mace, performing a jumping slam that creates a shockwave, or producing some kind of energy wave that splits into three projectiles which travel along the ground. If you shoot at the energy wave after it fully charges but before it fires, the guard will be stunned for a moment allowing you to get some free shots in.

When the guard's health reaches 50% it will change its attack pattern. It can now backflip to the side of the arena before throwing the staff it carries to produce a stream of projectiles; this is often followed by the guard throwing three fire columns that track your likely location, followed by the guard jumping to the middle of the arena and spinning on the spot to create jets of fire around itself. If you hit the guard with enough force after it has used the first set of fire jets then you will stun it for a moment. Once the guard's health is depleted, perform a glory kill to destroy the parasite inside it.

Once the first guard is killed, two more will take its place - one will use a mace while the other carries a staff, but they are not shielded. The mace-wielding guard can perform jumping slams and spin across the arena to strike you repeatedly, while the staff-carrying guard can charge up large electric projectiles as well as dashing across the arena and throwing smaller projectiles as its does so. The guards share the same health bar so attacking either guard will weaken them both. Once both guards are killed, take the Crucible from the central pillar to finish the level.

Classic level[edit]

After pressing the second skull switch and killing all the enemies it summons, four walls will open in the corners of the room; one of the alcoves by the exit teleporter has a lever inside that you can pull to re-open the gate leading to the first monolith. Head back there to find that a wall has opened opposite the stairs leading up to the monolith, behind which is the fleshy room near the start of Doom's E3M4: House of Pain. In the far corner of this room is a wall with obviously misaligned bricks; open it to find a shotgun and other supplies.


A Pin Pops a Balloon
Kill a mancubus with the pistol.
Rapid fire from the pistol to a mancubus' head should be enough to kill it once it is staggered.
Two Mouths to Feed
Kill two cacodemons with one shot.
The second skull switch of the level will summon two cacodemons when pressed; you can then kill them with a BFG shot or the Gauss cannon's Siege Mode mod.
Wait For It
Kill ten demons with explosive barrels.
The Unwilling in the yellow key area are the best monsters to try this on, but as the challenge title implies you will have to patiently lure them towards barrels to complete this challenge successfully. You and monsters can push barrels around by walking into them; purchasing the "Barrels o' Fun" perk to make yourself immune to barrel explosions is recommended.


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Tealguy Chainsaw After landing in the void under the starting area, cross the floating platforms until you reach a cave entrance made from a large skull then turn around and look down; you will see Tealguy on a small ledge under the platform you just jumped from.
Hazmatguy Gauss cannon Firing a rocket into the opening on the Icon of Sin's forehead will make it produce a spawn cube, which will land near the second elite guard (see the "Other items" section below). Hazmatguy can be found inside this cube.

Other items[edit]

The automap station can be found in a corner of the room holding the yellow key, neighboring its alcove.

Item How to find
Datapad (Monsters - Cyber-Mancubus #2) To your left as you step through the first green teleporter.
Monolith #1 (Artifacts - Slayer's Testament #6) After using the first green teleporter, follow the tunnel down some steps then turn left at the bottom. You will see more steps leading up to the monolith.
Argent cell From the first monolith, turn round to see the cell container behind you.
Monolith #2 (Artifacts - Slayer's Testament #7) At the bottom of the first shaft under the starting area.
Elite guard #1 Just inside the skull cave.
Combat support drone From the first elite guard, continue following the tunnel to a broken staircase. The drone is by a wooden door on this staircase.
Elite guard #2 In the Icon of Sin area you will enter an enclosed area with some impaled barons. The elite guard is sitting under one of the barons.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start as normal and finish in front of the symbol that teleports you to the Crucible's tomb.


  1. Inside the blood pool in the yellow key arena.
  2. Moving in a circular pattern around the middle of the blue key arena.
  3. On the bottom floor of the combat encounter below the Icon of Sin.
  4. At the small arena directly below the Icon of Sin.


  1. Go to the area that normally has the first monolith. A collectible is in front of a pentagram wall here.
  2. After reaching the void beneath the starting area, follow the platforms to a jump pad that will propel you to a collectible.