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Nekravol - Part II
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Nekravol - Part II is the eleventh level of Doom Eternal. Having fought through the lower levels of Nekravol's Citadel, the Doom Slayer must continue to the top and use its Argent energy transmitter to reach Urdak.

"As you make your ascent, you approach the final floors of the Citadel where souls are extracted from their bodies and converted into Argent Energy. Enter the final stage of the Maykr's processing plant and use the Argent conduit to gain access to Urdak, homeworld of the Maykrs, where the Khan Maykr prepares the final ritual to gain control of the Icon of Sin and unleash it upon the Earth."
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Nekravol is a titanic Hell city, referred to both as a factory and a fortress. Its central Citadel serves a very important role: processing the souls of Hell's victims into Hell energy and mixing it with Wraith power to produce Argent energy. The factory uses Sentinel and Maykr technology, because it was built by Argenta slaves under the guidance of the Khan Maykr. In the Part II level, the Nekravol facilities become more and more advanced, with the peak of the tower housing a large Maykr transmitter for transferring Argent energy to Urdak. The transmitter is suspended on chains held by two Hell Titans.

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