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Nekravol - Part II
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Nekravol - Part II is the eleventh level of Doom Eternal. Having fought through the lower levels of Nekravol's Citadel, the Doom Slayer must climb to the top of the soul spire and use its Argent energy transmitter to reach Urdak.

"As you make your ascent, you approach the final floors of the Citadel where souls are extracted from their bodies and converted into Argent Energy. Enter the final stage of the Maykr's processing plant and use the Argent conduit to gain access to Urdak, homeworld of the Maykrs, where the Khan Maykr prepares the final ritual to gain control of the Icon of Sin and unleash it upon the Earth."
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Nekravol is a titanic Hell city, referred to both as a factory and a fortress. Its central Citadel serves a very important role: processing the souls of Hell's victims into Hell energy and mixing it with Wraith power to produce Argent energy. The factory uses Sentinel and Maykr technology, because it was built by Argenta slaves under the guidance of the Khan Maykr. In the Part II level, the Nekravol facilities become more and more advanced, with the peak of the tower housing a large Maykr transmitter for transferring Argent energy to Urdak. The transmitter is suspended on chains held by two Hell Titans.



Ascend the soul spire
Reach the center of the spire
Reach the top of the spire
Access the Maykr Argent conduit
Jump in the Argent stream to Urdak


Head through the tunnel to see a cutscene showing the exterior of the soul spire, then head up the slope and kill the pain elemental that teleports in along with some fodder demons. Halfway up the slope is a single statue of a Maykr angel - jump from here to a climbable wall then climb up to a platform with a spinning flame jet, kill the cacodemons that appear nearby and jump across to a second platform with a flame jet, then dash towards a dash refill pickup and use it to reach a ledge leading inside the spire. Kill the waiting revenant, prowler and carcass along with some fodder demons, then continue on to a junction and turn left to reach the Evulsor chamber; there is an arena here that starts with a revenant followed by a baron of Hell, a pain elemental, two whiplashes and a Doom hunter - use the Overdrive powerup above the arena to give yourself a brief advantage. Once the arena is clear, go through the doorway in the opposite corner to the entrance to find a Codex page.

Follow the passage to a deep pit and drop all the way down it; you will land on a slope that will take you down to the foundry level of the spire. Kill the arachnotron, dread knight and other demons that appear until an arch-vile spawns on the upper floor; once you kill it you will have to contend with revenants and a marauder. After clearing the area, go to the upper floor and look for a climbable wall in one of the corners that leads up to a tunnel and follow it to a chamber with three sets of spinning platforms and flame jets - the platforms have spikes around their sides so you will have to carefully time your jumps in this area. Head up to the top to enter a passage with an automap station then use the skull switch ahead to activate an elevator that will take you further up the spire.

Step off the elevator when it reaches its destination to enter a room with swirling souls; there is a barrier ahead of you which opens and shuts continually, so time your jump to get through it as it opens then use the climbable walls ahead to reach a launcher that will propel you to the Maykr section of the spire. Jump to a circular walkway then climb on the Maykr machine in front of you and let it carry you up; once it stops, dash through any of the cracked walls around you to deal with some heavy demons, including a couple of cyber-mancubi. Use the launchers to fire yourself up to some platforms, punch through another cracked wall and use the monkey bars and gold climbable walls above you to reach the next circular walkway. There are two eyes in this area similar to the ones that protected Kalibas; destroy both eyes while dodging laser grids and various demons, which will open a door and allow you to reach an elevator leading up to the top floor. You will have to contend with a tyrant followed by numerous other demons, ending with a Doom hunter; once they are destroyed, stand on the green pressure plate by the entrance to retract the golden chains then go to both breakable sections and punch them to destroy the Argent transmitter. Jump into the beam of light to ascend to Urdak.


  • Punched by Blood - kill more than one enemy with a single blood punch five times
  • Cut Down to Size - perform a "back" glory kill on a tyrant
  • Resurrect No More - Perform a "left-side" glory kill on an arch-vile

Secret encounters[edit]

  1. A gore nest is located next to the "WOLF 3D - Get Them Before They Get You" album. You will have 30 seconds to kill two pain elementals.
  2. Another gore nest is located behind the "Dread Knight" toy. You will have 25 seconds to kill a Hell knight and a cyber-mancubus.

Special items[edit]

  • Three extra lives
    1. At the start of the level is a slope lined with statues of Maykr angels; halfway up the slope you will see one statue instead of a pair. Carefully drop behind this statue to find a launcher that will propel you to a platform with flame jets; follow the jets round to find a 1UP.
    2. A 1UP can be found at the very top of the room with spinning platforms and flame jets. Get to the exit from this room then turn round to see it.
    3. Shortly after finding the "Fuel the Eternal Flame - Part III" Codex page you will use a launcher to head further up the spire. Look up as you ascend to see a 1UP that you will not quite reach; instead, grab the climbable wall at the top of the shaft and jump off it to reach the pickup.
  • Two Argent cells
    1. On the bottom floor of the spire.
    2. On the top floor of the spire, above a pit.
  • Two Crucible charges
    1. Just inside the entrance to the spire
    2. Before the elevator leading to the top floor of the spire.


  • One Sentinel crystal
    1. After getting into the spire and killing the first group of enemies, go on to a junction and turn right to find the final crystal.
  • Three Praetor suit points
    1. After using the first elevator you will reach a room with two doorways that have barriers opening and closing in front of them. The barrier on your left conceals a cracked wall with a Night Sentinel spirit behind it.
    2. After using the launcher to reach the Maykr section of the spire, jump to a circular walkway and go round it to find a Night Sentinel.
    3. A Night Sentinel can be seen behind the "Instant Stagger" cheat code.
  • Three Codex pages
    1. "Nekravol - Part II" - just after the Evulsor chamber.
    2. "Fuel the Eternal Flame - Part II" - in the passage above the foundry level of the spire.
    3. "Fuel the Eternal Flame - Part III" - just after the room of swirling souls at the top of the first elevator.
  • Three toys
    1. "Dread Knight" - from the "Nekravol - Part II" Codex page, follow the passage and look at the right-hand wall for a cracked section. A question mark is hidden behind this wall.
    2. "Tyrant" - as soon as you enter the room with spinning platforms and flame jets, look down to see a climbable wall under the platform in front of you. From this wall, turn around to see a question mark in an opening behind you.
    3. "Archvile" - from the "Fuel the Eternal Flame - Part III" Codex page, continue until you reach a launcher. Halfway up this shaft is a cracked wall with a question mark behind it; you should dash through the wall as you fall back down.
  • Two cheat codes
    1. "Party Mode" - follow the passage after the "Nekravol - Part II" until you get to a deep pit, then look down to see a ledge just below you. Drop to this ledge and look back at the doorway you just jumped from to see a cracked wall below it; dash into this wall to find a question mark.
    2. "Instant Stagger" - after destroying both chains on the top floor of the spire, go back to the elevator shaft that brought you here and drop down it. A gate has opened in the shaft, allowing you to reach a question mark.
  • Two albums
    1. "WOLF 3D - Get Them Before They Get You" - from the mastery token, double-jump and dash to a climbable wall ahead to find a question mark.
    2. "DOOM (2016) - Flesh and Metal" - from the "Fuel the Eternal Flame - Part II" Codex page, follow the passage a short distance and look for a cracked section in the left-hand wall. A question mark is behind this wall.
  • One mastery token
    1. From the first extra life, jump to a climbable wall on your left and head up to another rotating flame jet which you can follow round to the mastery token.

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