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The New Doom forums were a set of web forums provided by the New Doom website. They were run by William Mull (Phoebus). Forums were provided for discussion of Classic Doom and Doom 3, as well as for the Doom Legacy and Doomsday source ports. The "Rants & Raves" forum allowed for general off-topic discussion. The forums, along with their parent website, were taken down in March 2015 after nearly 15 years online.

List of forums[edit]

New Doom
Forum Description
Rants & Raves General Community Chit-Chat
DOOM Series Entire Doom Series (Doom, Doom 2, Ultimate Doom, Doom 3, ...) Info, Announcements, Questions, etc.
Editing Doom, Doom 2, Ultimate Doom, & Doom 3 Levels, Mods, Ports, Projects & Other Editing Topics
Other Games Discussion of Games Other than Doom
Movies, Music & More Movies, TV, Plays, Books, Comics, Music, etc. are the Opiates of the Masses, or Something.
Tech Support General Hardware / Software Related Issues
Artwork & Fiction Doom Related Artistic & Literary Masterpieces
Showcase Announce Your Doom Related Site to the World
Forums Testing Getting Used to Forum Features, Testing Avatars & Signatures, etc.
Map Reviews Reviews of Community Released WADs
Source Ports
Forum Description
Doomsday Doomsday Source Port
Doom Legacy Doom Legacy Source Port
Other Source Ports We Love All DOOM Engine Source Ports
Hosted Sites
Forum Description
The MegaWad Hosted Site Forum for The Megawad

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