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John Romero released a second new Doom map, Phobos Mission Control, via an announcement on Twitter yesterday. As a part of the blitz of promotion for his recently announced Kickstarter campaign for his new team effort with Adrian Carmack to create a first-person shooter game, Blackroom, Romero states that this map represents "the kind of classic FPS gameplay I'm promising." The map is a re-imagining of E1M4: Command Control, a level whose design was originally started by Tom Hall. It can be downloaded directly from Doomworld.

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id Software announced via the official @DOOM Twitter account that the currently ongoing open beta of the upcoming Doom has been extended through April 18 11:59 PM US Eastern time. This should come as good news for those who have not yet had their fill of the multiplayer mayhem.

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Bethesda announced on April 6 that an open public beta will be held for the upcoming Doom beginning on April 15, which will last through the 17th. This open beta will contain the same content as the previous alphas and closed beta: two maps from the game's multiplayer component. Also included were announcements of three multiplayer DLC packs which will be available at launch containing items such as maps, weapons, player skin and weapon decals and colors, and an additional transformation for the demon rune. These packs will start at US $14.99 each, and will be available combined for $39.99 via a "Season Pass" option. It was also mentioned that both multiplayer and the SnapMap built-in editor will receive free updates with additional content after the game's release.