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According to a press release by Bethesda, the newest Doom title will receive an update which includes the following changes:

  • The Doom Season Pass will be retired, and all owners of the game will be granted access to the three DLC packs, Unto the Evil, Hell Followed, and Bloodfall.
  • Multiplayer progression will be revamped, with a global level reset and prestige in the form of a badge for Slayer-ranked players, a change in item unlocks, and replacement of the hack module system with a new multiplayer form of the runes from the single player game which function as permanent, selectable player upgrades which can be set as part of the loadout.
  • Overhauls to the game's multiplayer heads-up display, menus, and lobbies.

The game will additionally feature free weekends with access to a two-level preview of the single-player campaign, unlimited multiplayer and SnapMap access, and retention of progress and player data between weekends. To sweeten the deal, a price cut to $14.99 US / £11.99 UK / $17.99 AUS has been initiated as well.