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John Romero celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release of Doom with the announcement of SIGIL, a new nine-level episode for the game which serves as a continuation of the story from the end of Thy Flesh Consumed:

After killing the Spiderdemon at the end of E4M8 (Unto the Cruel), your next stop is Earth — you must save it from hellspawn that is causing unimaginable carnage. But Baphomet glitched the final teleporter with his hidden sigil whose eldritch power brings you to even darker shores of Hell. You fight through this stygian pocket of evil to confront the ultimate harbingers of Satan, then finally return to become Earth’s savior.

—John Romero, [1]

The episode itself will be released for free in February 2019, but hardcore fans can take avail of one of two special offers from Romero Games until December 24. The Beast Box special edition, retailing for $166 US, includes the following:

  • A demonic over-sized box, inspired by the id Anthology box, individually numbered and signed personally by John Romero and featuring the artwork of Christopher Lovell;
  • A 16 GB 3.5" floppy disk-themed USB that includes the free megawad data and extras.
  • A 2-disc booklet styled case that includes the free megawad data, full soundtrack by Buckethead, behind-the-scenes information on the original game and the megawad’s development.
  • An 8x10 inch art print signed by Christopher Lovell.
  • A SIGIL-themed coin.
  • A pewter statue of John Romero’s head on a spike.
  • An XL-sized SIGIL T-shirt.
  • 2 stickers: 1 SIGIL and 1 Romero Games.

For $39.99, a subset of these goodies are available in the standard edition. See the official site for full information.