Ni'mRoD - IXNAY on the HOMBRE


Ni'mRoD - IXNAY on the HOMBRE (also simply known as Nimrod) is a Doom II cyberpunk total conversion for Doom Legacy made by Unholy Software with development lead by Kristian Käll (Kristus). Its subtitle in Pig Latin and Spanish is a reference to the fourth studio album by American punk band The Offspring. It contains new sprites for replacement enemies and weapons, along with 10 large single player levels. The environments include Doom Legacy 3D floors, voice-acting for incoming radio calls, and make extensive use of FraggleScript. The first map opens with a game of cards, similar to Tom Hall's Doom Bible introduction.

The project took four years to develop and its initial release was on July 23, 2002.[1] An updated version to support running the WAD in GZDoom was uploaded to the idgames archive on September 11, 2005.[2]

Nimrod was followed by multiplayer sequel Ni'mRoD - Project Doom in December 2005.



Built-in demos[edit]

This WAD features a single built-in demo. It requires Doom II v1.29 to be viewed. The demo level is:

Demo Level Skill Tics Length
DEMO1 MAP02: Phobos - Crate Factory 3 11894 5:39.83

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