NiGHTMARE Speedmapping Compilation


The NiGHTMARE Speedmapping Compilation was a series of speedmapping sessions founded by Doomworld member Nick Baker (NiGHTMARE). It spawned a total of thirteen sessions made by a number of different mappers, starting from December 2001 and concluding in 2003, though only the first five were uploaded to the idgames archive. The main rule of the sessions was to make a map in 100 minutes or less, usually by following a set of pre-selected textures, weapons and monsters, which were chosen beforehand by NiGHTMARE. The NiGHTMARE Speedmapping Compilation sessions were among the first public speedmapping events, also being a close offspring of the Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation series. In 2003 it was succeded by the SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation.

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