Nicklas Linnes


Nicklas Linnes is a Swedish music composer and level designer who contributed to Doom community projects in 1998 and 1999. He was introduced to Doom level editing in 1998 by Ola Björling which lead to Nicklas designing 5 levels for the all-Swede Overload Deathmatches.[1] He also wrote eleven custom MIDI tracks for the project. In 1999 he composed fifteen more MIDIs for a new project entitled Perfect being lead by fellow Overload team member Martin Friberg (Cocoon). After the Perfect team dissolved in 2000, Nicklas' new music ended up instead appearing in Crucified Dreams. Multiple Doom community projects including Counterattack have since re-used Nicklas Linnes tunes as their PWAD soundtrack.

Body of work[edit]




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