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Sean White (alias Nightfang, formerly Darkfang) is a programmer most notable for creating multiplayer source port ZDaemon. He maintained the codebase from its February 2001 inception until 1.04 in June 2003 and created a OpenGL version of 1.04, called ZDaemonGL. Before ZDaemon he also created source modifications for two unreleased total conversions, Thrust and Smash Doom DM.


Thrust is a unreleased source port and futuristic total conversion started by Darkfang in 1998. The custom executable had one of the community's first implementations of a particle system, colored lighting, and custom friendly bots called a Lost Trooper. It was forked from the original Doom source code release, later incorporating changes from DOSDoom and Fly's DoomBot.

To promote the project, a hosted web site existed on DoomNation in 1998, then Doomworld, and by 2000 it moved to Tha DooM Shack's domain. On January 6, 2000 it was announced the Doom source port was abandoned and the TC would move to Quake which had its own source released on December 22, 1999. Quake was considered to implement most gameplay features desired for Thrust aside from the co-op bot behavior. On January 6 a PWAD containing the project's abandoned Doom sprites were uploaded to its hosted site. All graphics were created by Darkfang aside from custom weapon graphics made by Doomworld community member Nark.

Smash Doom DM[edit]

Smash Doom DM (shortened to SmashDM) is an abandoned total conversion started in mid-1999 by Darkfang that was inspired by Nintendo 64 game Super Smash Bros. It had a custom source port based on ZDoom that decreased the game's gravity, added custom skin characters, and implemented an energy system that temporarily drained when the player performed one of three special moves to attack an opponent. Its internal development build had two arenas created by Rick Clark (Wildman). Intending to showcase The Chaos Crew's single player project Caverns of Darkness, Christopher Lutz also created a multiplayer version of his MAP12: The Stand to be a SmashDM arena.

Like Thrust, the project was abandoned in 2000 and Darkfang's attention gave way to ZDaemon's development. Chris Lutz's map was later re-purposed as Crucified Dreams MAP28.

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