Ni'mRoD - Project Doom


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Ni'mRoD - Project Doom
Title screen
Authors Team Future
Port Skulltag
Year 2005
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward.png This mod received one of the 2005 Cacowards on Doomworld in the "Best DM Level" category!

Ni'mRoD - Project Doom is a Skulltag mapset released in 2005 by Team Future. It is the sequel to Nimrod. At that year's Cacowards, it was awarded Best DM Level.

In addition to maps, the mod adds new weapons, sounds, textures, skins, and bot algorithms (although the authors caution that the bots still aren't very smart). Scripting is also included to enhance play on stock Doom II maps.


  • NMDM01: Exdeus: Twice Risen Starport
  • NMDM02: Phobos: Grid Control
  • NMDM03: Mars: Rocket Silo
  • NMDM04: Exdeus: Loading Dock
  • NMDM05: Exdeus: Storage Area
  • NMDM06: Phobos: Combustion
  • NMDM07: Mars: Base 16
  • NMDM08: Phobos: Sewer Terminal
  • NMDM09: Mars: Storage area
  • NMDM10: Phobos: Birth Chamber
  • NMDM11: Exdeus: Twice Risen Starport
  • NMDM12: Phobos: Shipping/Receiving/Starport
  • NMDM13: Phobos: UAC Nuklear Plant
  • NMDM14: Mars: Base 16

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