No Rest for the Living Community MIDI Pack


No Rest for the Living Community MIDI Pack
Title screen
Authors Various
Ports ZDoom, PrBoom+
Year 2021
Link Doomworld forums thread

No Rest for the Living Community MIDI Pack is a community project music pack led by Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere), specifically devised for the No Rest for the Living expansion pack for Doom II. It was initially released on February 9, 2021.[1]

The project was first announced on January 21, 2021, in the Doomworld forums, by Peter Lawrence, and it was completed in less than 3 weeks, according to him. Lastly, the separate MIDI files themselves are obtainable from the project thread.

Track listing[edit]

Track Name Composer(s) Level Length Inspiration / base
Homesick decino MAP01: The Earth Base 04:30 -
Archaic Doctrine TrialD MAP02: The Pain Labs 03:12 -
Dry Gulch JD Herrera MAP03: Canyon of the Dead 03:44 -
The Last Gatling Gun Rodeo Cammy MAP04: Hell Mountain 06:17 -
Unbearable Torture Sego MAP05: Vivisection 04:11 -
Staccato Slaughter Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP06: Inferno of Blood 03:39 -
Monsieur Gourmet JD Herrera MAP07: Baron's Banquet 04:08 -
Darkness Unfolds Mei McEntire (Bloo) MAP08: Tomb of Malevolence 04:25 -
Mountain Slayers of the Eagle's Thunder Rogue Akai, Sumo MAP09: March of the Demons 03:41 -
NRFTL Title (untitled) Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) Title screen 00:43 -
NRFTL Intermission (untitled) Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) Intermission screen 00:31 -
Ride's Closed Due to Gibs Dwars Text screen 01:27 -

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