Nuclear Plant (Doom 2016)


Doom (2016) classic levels
Nuclear Plant (Doom 2016)

Nuclear Plant is a classic level from Doom (2016). It is a recreation of Doom's E1M2: Nuclear Plant that includes enemies from the later game, but retains the original game's pickup and decoration sprites.

This level is unlocked after finding one of its rooms hidden in the Foundry stage. Once unlocked, the full level can be played from the "Classic Maps" tab in the Campaign menu.



In this level you start with the pistol and combat shotgun. Head forward past a barrel and turn right, then go through the silver door ahead and head up the stairs to find two possessed soldiers guarding a red keycard at the top. Go back down the stairs to the starting area and head to its opposite side to find a door with red jambs that you can now open, then head straight forward to a curved staircase guarded by more soldiers and climb it. At the top of the stairs you will see a curving walkway over some nukage; step or jump across it to a small passage that ends with a lift which will take you down to a small chamber with two soldiers and two imps. Flip the switch at the other end of the room to open the walls either side of it, then go through either wall to find a staircase leading down to the exit door. Open this door and kill an imp and two soldiers waiting behind it, then step on the small blue elevator to go down to the exit switch.

Other points of interest[edit]

As the level starts, enter the structure in front of you and turn left to find an elevator leading up to a shotgun (since you have this weapon from the start, it is only useful for getting more shells). There is also a green armor pickup straight ahead of you as the level starts which gives 50 armor points.

After passing through the red door you will see a passage on your right leading to a nukage pool. There is an island in the middle of the nukage with a switch guarded by an imp; flipping it will open a maze area nearby that holds several secrets.


  1. The structure in the center of the starting room has a secret door on its right-hand side; you can identify the door by its gray texture. Opening the door reveals a room with a medikit, a green armor, a backpack and a button.
  2. The switch in secret #1 opens a wall by the left-hand staircase leading up to the red key. In the outdoor area beyond this wall is a supercharge (actually a mega health) and a chaingun.
  3. On the west side of the maze area is a green armor; shoot the wall behind it and it will open to reveal a staircase leading to a tall room with a chainsaw on a pillar.
  4. On the staircase leading to the chainsaw room, when you get to the second armor bonus look closely at the right-hand wall to see that it is misaligned. Open this wall to reveal a chamber with four more armor bonuses.
  5. On the east side of the maze is another secret door; this appears as a computer texture with two vertical silver beams on either side. This door reveals a chamber with a backpack, a rocket launcher and four boxes of rockets.
  6. In the short passage between the room with the nukage walkway and the elevator to the penultimate room, there is a secret door on the left side identifiable by its gray texture. Opening this reveals some stairs down to a ledge overlooking the penultimate room, letting you ambush the enemies in it.


  • If you go through the left-hand door leading to the red key area first, a soldier may appear out of nowhere.
  • The lift leading down to the penultimate chamber cannot be lowered from below. It is possible to get round this by climbing up to secret #6, but only if you opened the door leading to it beforehand (it cannot be opened from the other side).
  • In the original level, pressing the button to lower the chainsaw pillar would also raise the nukage around it. In the remake, only the pillar moves and it will become a damaging floor when it reaches the nukage; you can get around this by double-jumping up to the chainsaw.