Nugget Doom


Nugget Doom
Standard WinMBF
Codebase Woof!
Developer(s) Alan Ruzich (Alaux)
Initial release 1.0.0 (2021-09-07, 2 years ago)
Latest release 2.2.1 (2023-10-16, 51 days ago)
Development status Active
Written in C
Target Platform Cross-Platform
License GNU General Public License v2+
Website Doomworld forums thread
Source Repository



Nugget Doom is a source port forked from Woof! by Alan Ruzich, alias Alaux. It seeks to include additional quality-of-life improvements over its parent port, primarily taken from Crispy Doom. Aside from these improvements, it maintains a high level of similarity with Woof!.


Nugget Doom started life as a PWAD called Ramm (Doomworld forums thread), an unfinished megawad for limit-removing source ports that utilizes a DeHackEd patch for changes to monsters and weapons. By way of experimenting, Alaux decided to implement the functionality of the patch into a fork of the Crispy Doom source code in order to turn Ramm into a standalone game. This fork was called IRamm, with the I standing for internal, as in IWAD.

Later on, the decision was made to turn IRamm into a more general source port fork, changing the name to Nugget Doom in the process. Ruzich attempted to implement Boom and MBF support for this fork initially before realizing it would be better to use a codebase that already had support for these features. Thus the Woof!-based and current version of Nugget Doom was born. The Crispy fork got rebranded, as Nugget Doom LR with LR standing for limit-removing.

Both IRamm and Nugget Doom LR have been discontinued, but are still available for download.


  • Features from Woof:
  • Features from Crispy Doom (inspired by or ported over):
    • Minimalistic HUD (partially implemented);
    • Resurrect from savegame (Run key + Use key);
    • "Things move over/under things" setting;
    • Jumping (default key: Alt, must be enabled first);
  • Disable Background setting, to disable the background on setup screens and dynamic Help screen
  • Extra Gibbing setting to force berserk fist, chainsaw and SSG gibbing
  • Crouching/ducking (default key: C, must be enabled first)
  • One-Key Quick Save/Load setting: skips the confirmation prompt
  • Disable Horizontal Autoaim setting
  • View Height setting: allows to enter a custom height value between 8 and 56 for the player's POV (default is 41, the original)
  • New cheats
  • New Doom compatibility settings (some adapted from Crispy Doom fixes)
  • High resolution support (4X (800p) and 8X (1600p)) since version 2.0.0


  • Ruzich came up with the name Nugget Doom literally after eating a chicken nugget.
    • A nugget is regarded as having a crisp bite, a reference to the port it was based upon (Crispy Doom). The current logo reflects this.

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