Nugget Doom


Nugget Doom
Standard WinMBF
Codebase Woof!
Developer(s) Alan Ruzich (Alaux)
Initial release 1.0.0 (2021-09-07, 18 months ago)
Latest release 1.12.0 (2023-01-04, 2 months ago)
Development status Active
Written in C
Target Platform Cross-Platform
License GNU General Public License v2+
Website Doomworld forums thread
Source Repository



Nugget Doom is a source port forked from Woof! by Alan Ruzich, alias Alaux. It seeks to include additional quality-of-life improvements over its parent port, primarily taken from Crispy Doom. Aside these improvements, it maintains a high level of similarity with Woof!.


Nugget Doom started life as a PWAD for Vanilla Doom called Ramm, a megawad in progress utilizing a DeHacked patch to change monsters and weapons. By way of experimenting, the author decided to replicate the functionality of the patch into a fork of the Crispy Doom source code in order to turn Ramm into a standalone game. This fork was called IRamm, with the I standing for Internal as in IWAD.

Later the decision was made to turn IRamm into a more general fork, calling it Nugget Doom in the process. Ruzich attempted to implement Boom and MBF support to this fork before realizing it would be better off to use a codebase that already had support for the features of these ports. Thus the Woof!-based and current version of Nugget Doom was made. The Crispy fork got rebranded, as Nugget Doom LR with LR standing for Limit-Removing.

Both IRamm and Nugget Doom LR have been discontinued, but are available for download.


  • All features from Woof:
  • The following features from Crispy Doom (inspired by or ported over):
    • Minimalistic HUD (partially implemented);
    • Resurrect from savegame (Run key + Use key);
    • "Things move over/under things" setting;
    • Jumping (default key: Alt, must be enabled first);
  • Disable Background setting, to disable the background on setup screens and dynamic Help screen
  • Extra Gibbing setting to force berserk fist, chainsaw and SSG gibbing
  • Crouching/ducking (default key: C, must be enabled first)
  • One-Key Quick Save/Load setting: skips the confirmation prompt
  • Disable Horizontal Autoaim setting
  • View Height setting: allows to enter a custom height value between 8 and 56 for the player's POV (default is 41, the original)
  • New cheats
  • New Doom compatibility settings (some adapted from Crispy Doom fixes)


  • Ruzich came up with the name Nugget Doom literally after eating a chicken nugget.
    • A nugget is regarded as having a crisp bite, a reference to the port it was based upon (Crispy Doom). The current logo reflects this.

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