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Title screen
Authors bemused & Thomas Seifert
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2022
Link Doomworld forums thread
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received an honorable mention at the 2022 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Occula is a seven-level PWAD for Doom II requiring Boom-compatible source ports, made by bemused and Thomas Seifert (tourniquet) and released in January 2022. The mapset is built around a visual theme of scorched hellscape canyons and exposed metal structures, and makes extensive use of textures by FranckFRAG dominated by shades of red and black. The maps increase in complexity and difficulty, with some of the harder fights hidden in optional areas, while the secret maps focus on extreme all-out slaughter, described in the text file as "3 secret maps full of BS and nonsense for those who like being abused by videogames."

Occula received an honorable mention at the Cacowards 2022.


Custom content[edit]

A DeHackEd patch is included that reduces the radius of the arachnotron by 25 percent, as well as doubling the chaingun's rate of fire and slightly increasing the firing speed of the pistol. The chaingun is also given a new sprite and renamed to "minigun".

The color palette and colormap are modified to help display darker shades of red, and the colors of several sprites have been altered to better fit in with the visual theme of the WAD, with the colors of the sprites for the baron of Hell and Hell knight prominently being changed to shades of black and gray. Furthermore, the firing sounds of both the pistol and plasma gun have been replaced, and black and silver variants are used for the blue and yellow keys.

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