Official add-ons


The add-ons menu on Xbox One.

The official add-ons are PWADs that can be downloaded from to be played with the Doom Classic Unity port. Since console manufacturers do not usually allow players to use third-party content unless vetted by the publisher of the game, the official add-ons system allows a selection of modifications to be downloaded and played instead of being limited to the IWADs. Official add-ons are curated to ensure they are playable within the raised limits of Doom Classic, and to avoid potential copyright infringement in their content. Also, the consent of all original authors is mandatory, so that they all have to be contactable by id Software in order to license their work.[1]

The two Final Doom IWADs are available as official add-ons for both The Ultimate Doom and Doom II. This effectively makes Final Doom free for all owners of either Classic Doom titles on Thanks to DMAPINFO, some of the curated PWADs can also be made available to both games.

Note that "official" in this context refers to provision of the content by id Software.[2] There has been no statement indicating that the modifications created by the community should be considered canonical story-wise.

List of official add-ons[edit]

Title Image Name Game Authors Original release Made available
BTSXE1 Official.png BTSX Episode 1 Doom II Esselfortium et al. 2012-12-10 2020-06-25
Deathless title.png Deathless Doom James Paddock 2018-11-09 2020-05-14
Double Impact title.png Double Impact Both Ralphis & RottKing 2011-11-30 2020-02-13
No End In Sight title.png No End In Sight Doom Emil Brundage, Christopher Lutz, Xaser 2016-11-20 2020-03-31
NoRestForTheLiving logo.png No Rest for the Living Doom II Nerve Software 2010-05-26 2020-01-09
SIGIL title.png SIGIL Doom Romero Games 2019-05-22 2020-01-09
Plutonia title.gif The Plutonia Experiment Both Dario Casali & Milo Casali 1996-06-17 2020-01-09
TNT title.gif TNT: Evilution Both Team TNT 1996-06-17 2020-01-09


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