Operation Body Count

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Operation Body Count
Title screen
Author Mike MacDee
Port ZDoom
Year 2018
Link The Project Download Page

Operation Body Count is a total conversion episode for ZDoom/Doom II developed and released by Mike MacDee (Impie) in 2017-2018. It features nine objective-based maps and a totally replaced roster of weapons and enemies. It is a remake of the Capstone Software game of the same name, and the second of Impie's DOSworld series following Nerves of Steel.


The player controls Hector Juarez, an elite counter-terrorist point man. After several nuclear devices are stolen, Hector mounts a campaign against the Middle-Eastern terrorist organization HORUS, which has been reorganized by super terrorist Victor Baloch and begun a reign of terror across the globe.

Level structure[edit]

Each mission in Operation Body Count begins with a briefing sequence, where Hector's NATO handler explains the situation via slideshow. The player can skip the briefing at any time, but should view it at least once so he/she knows what they must do on the mission. Immediately following the briefing sequence, Hector is dropped into the action.

While Hector explores the map, he will trigger a variety of messages informing him of completed objectives, or hinting what he must do to progress. For example, if he enters the raft on Mission 2 before disarming the nuclear device, he is told he cannot leave until he does so. Most objectives are either secondary and only affect the item count, or are accomplished en route to the main goal -- the objective-based nature of the missions is largely for flavor.


Operation Body Count completely replaces the player's arsenal.

  • Hog leg - A slow-reload shotgun with infinite ammo.
  • Uzi - Hector's default weapon, weak and inaccurate, but ammo is aplenty.
  • AK47 - A fast-firing assault rifle that deals twice the damage of the Uzi at a fraction of the fire rate.
  • RPG launcher - Identical to the Doom rocket launcher, apart from a faster fire rate.
  • Railgun - A full-auto railgun that pierces enemies and does considerable damage. Effective against groups of smaller enemies, or as a sniping weapon.
  • Flamer - A flamethrower that instantly immolates any enemy, even bosses. Expends ammo at a ridiculous rate.
  • Nuke launcher - The most devastating weapon, which can easily kill the player if he/she isn't careful. Ammo is extremely rare.


All of the enemies are derived from the original OBC, plus several new enemies based on the OBC sprites. The main opposition is comprised of Terrorist Mooks, Terrorist Sergeants, suicide bombers, and floating W.A.S.P. Attack Drones. Periodically Hector will face off against humanoid robots and swarms of giant rats referred to as Manhattan Hobo Killers. He will also face hulking boss terrorists every mission, usually guarding keys; on some missions, assassination of the boss is one of your objectives.

Apart from Victor, none of the enemies had names or backgrounds, so Impie provided his own to give them personality and flesh out the world of the game.


While the original OBC was comprised of 40 office building levels, this version is made up of nine missions inspired by counter-terrorism games of the Amiga era and action movies from the 80s. As a result the locales are more widely varied, and no two are alike.


  • MAP01: ThunderJaws In-Game (Amiga)
  • MAP02: Breathless In-Game 3 (Amiga)
  • MAP03: Breathless In-Game 5 (Amiga)
  • MAP04: Hostages (action theme) for Amiga
  • MAP05: Breathless In-Game 2 (Amiga)
  • MAP06: ThunderJaws In-Game (Amiga)
  • MAP07: Breathless In-Game 5 (Amiga)
  • MAP08: Breathless In-Game 2 (Amiga)
  • MAP09: ThunderJaws intro (Amiga)


Other notes[edit]

  • The mod can be considered a remake of the original, or a sequel, since Victor survived the original game; he begins this one imprisoned for previous crimes; and he has a grudge against NATO and the UN (the original game took place in UN Headquarters).
  • Most of the terrorists speak in their original voice clips from Capstone's OBC, with the exception of the rats, Victor, and the enemies not found in the original game. The AK-wielding Terrorist Sergeant has the voice of the Persian Gulf Inferno terrorists to set them apart from their brethren.

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