Doug Merrill (Opulent)


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Doug "Opulent" Merrill (born December 3, 1967) is an American Doomer, mapper, speedrunner and former maintainer of the Doomed Speed Demos Archive.


He started playing Doom in 1995 and began to show great interest in demo recording. Since then he submitted more than 760 demos to the Doomed Speed Demos Archive and nine demos to the Compet-n database. On November 12, 2008, he retired from maintaining the Archive, and was succeeded by Andy Olivera. He created a multitude of levels for single and multiplayer. He used to maintain a website called The Doom II Resource.

He spent a lot of his time on playing games in the Quake series, and even claimed to be better at playing Quake II than Doom.

He is employed at General Dynamics Corporation.


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