Oracle's spectre becomes a ghost monster


It is possible in Strife for the Oracle's spectre to become a ghost monster. The Oracle, who is an important non-player character in Strife, ultimately proves to be nothing more than a puppet of the spectre which floats above it, exerting the will of the Entity. There are three possible ways to activate a battle with the Oracle's spectre:

  • End the conversation with the Oracle without revealing your intent to destroy him, and then kill him using any weapon. When the Oracle is killed, the spectre will be forcefully alerted and set into its spawn state, and will then teleport into the battle area.
  • Use certain options in dialogue with the Oracle, such as "I can't let that happen." The Oracle will reply with "You can, if you're dead," in the voice of the Entity rather than the usual voice of the Oracle, and the spectre will then teleport into the battle area.
  • Ignore the Oracle entirely and fire the Sigil directly at the spectre by looking up to maximum and backing out of the room until a clear line of fire is obtained. The spectre will be alerted when it takes damage.

Use of the latter two methods of alerting the spectre can, however, sometimes lead to a glitch which depends on the pseudo-random relative timing of the two objects' states. When the spectre is killed, it scans the map for any objects of type MT_ORACLE and kills them outright. This causes the Oracle, if he is still alive, to die if his spectre is destroyed (if this were not done, a major sequence break would become possible after killing Macil). However, since the Oracle dying also alerts the spectre, and this will erroneously be done without checking that the spectre is still alive, it is possible to have the still-dying spectre set back into its first walking frame.

When this happens, this will result in the Oracle's spectre behaving as a ghost monster, becoming completely intangible and unshootable. Because the Oracle's spectre is additionally immune to all forms of damage except those from the Sigil, and the Sigil does not inflict splash damage - this being the only known way to damage a ghost monster - it also becomes completely immortal.

However, the player will still be awarded Sigil 3 or Sigil 5 (depending on the route being taken through the game) even if this happens, since the weapon is given to the player immediately when the spectre is killed. This makes it possible to simply leave the area and avoid the ghostly spectre, preventing the glitch from becoming a game breaker.