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Doom (2016) multiplayer levels

Orbital is a multiplayer level in Doom (2016) that was released as part of the Hell Followed downloadable content pack. It is set aboard a deep-space robotic station that features variable gravity; possibly because of this, it is not possible to play with bots in this level.


This is a circular map that spans multiple floors and revolves around a central core. The indoor sections have normal gravity, while the outdoor sections have lower gravity that allows for longer jumps but also causes you to fall slowly; the boundaries between outdoor and indoor areas are marked by blue forcefields. There are also two blue portals, one on the bottom floor of the core and one on the top floor of the outdoor area, that allow for fast climbs. When fighting or jumping outside, make sure not to fall into the void of space as it will be instantly fatal.

Haste or regeneration powerups can spawn in a circular chamber on one side of the outdoor area - it is possible to drop down from above or jump in from two nearby ledges. A BFG-9000 can also spawn on top of a cross-shaped platform on the opposite side, while a mega health spawns on the top floor of the central core.

Areas / screenshots[edit]