Orcs & Elves

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Box cover of the Nintendo DS version of Orcs & Elves.

Orcs & Elves is a mobile phone game based on the Doom RPG engine and created by John Carmack and Fountainhead Entertainment. The game has also been ported to Nintendo DS.


The game is described as an adventure RPG, in which the protagonist, a young elf, must retake a Dwarven city from the evil army occupying it. The player is equipped initially only with a sentient, talking magic wand and a sword, but other weapons become available.

Doom references[edit]

  • When starting a new game, you can choose the hardest "Nightmare" difficulty level. The game asks "Are you sure you want to die?" The player must choose either "Bring it on!" or "I'm too young to die..." (see Skill level)
  • Bruul the Orc chief tells the player, "prepare for your DOOM!"


  • This article incorporates text from the open-content Wikipedia online encyclopedia article Orcs & Elves.

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