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Title screen
Authors Marshal Bostwick, Glen Payne
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 1996
Link Doomworld/idgames

Osiris is a Doom II episode replacement mod of eight levels, created by Marshal Bostwick and Glen Payne in 1996. The WAD comes with a DeHackEd file (osiris.deh) which makes cosmetic and functional changes to several enemies, items, and weapons, as well as new cheat codes.

The first three maps were previously released as I, Anubis in 1995.

It was included in Doomworld's Top 25 Missed Cacowards feature in 2018.



Stargate trooper
A blue marine with a headlamp and yellow boots. They attack with a shotgun and have 40 hit points.
An imp with a jackal's head. They throw cacodemon projectiles. Due to this, they also share the cacodemon's unique melee attack protocol. They have 50 hit points.
A figure clad in a shotgunner's armor, with an added hood. They approach the player at a medium pace and slash at them with their scythes. They have 150 hit points.
A small bat who charges at the player. It has 70 hit points.
A thin figure wearing a pharaoh's death mask who fires singular mancubus fireballs at a decent rate. It has 750 hit points.

Several decorative items, as well as the spiderdemon, are now sound effects.


The weapons are mostly unchanged.

Doomguy uses a knife instead of punching. Functionally the same.
Uses a different firing sound. Functionally the same.
Uses a different firing sound. Functionally the same.
Super shotgun
Identical to the base game.
Machine gun
The chaingun is replaced by a machine gun, with a different sprite and firing sound. Functionally the same.
The Flamethrower replaces the rocket launcher. While it lacks blast damage, the fire rate is much faster and the ammo count is doubled.
Electric injector
The plasma gun gun is replaced with the electric injector (a.k.a. haze weapon), with a different sprite and firing sound. Functionally the same.
Identical to the base game.

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