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Doom (2016) multiplayer levels

Outbreak is a multiplayer level in Doom (2016) that was released as part of the Bloodfall downloadable content pack. It is set in a UAC facility that has been overrun by Hellgrowth and escaped experiments.


In team deathmatch, players start at either end of the facility; the blue team starts in a room with a slime pit that is instantly fatal if you fall into it, while the red team starts in a room with a blood pool that inflicts rapid damage for anyone standing inside it. The remainder of the level largely consists of bridges and winding passages that allow for ambushes.

A BFG-9000 spawns inside the support in the middle room, while a quad damage or invisibility can spawn underneath a long bridge in one of the side rooms. A mega health also spawns on the bridge leading out of the blue team's starting room, after a delay.

Areas / screenshots[edit]