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Overdrive pickup
This article is about the item in Doom Eternal. For other versions of this item, see:

Overdrive is a powerup which occurs in Doom Eternal, taking the form of a glowing yellow sphere. Like the Haste item from Doom (2016), when collected the player can move faster and the speed at which weapons fire and reload is increased; however, they will also benefit from unlimited ammo for most weapons (excluding the Crucible, BFG-9000, Unmaykr and Sentinel Hammer).

The powerup lasts for 10 seconds once collected, and while active the player's weapons glow yellow and a yellow haze appears at the corners of the HUD.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The HUD with Overdrive active

Weapons that consume ammo at a high rate will benefit most from Overdrive, such as the chaingun's Mobile Turret or the combat shotgun's Full Auto mod. Weapons with long reload times, such as the super shotgun, will also see a noticeable improvement.

Cheat code[edit]

The Overdrive cheat code can be found in the Taras Nabad level; when activated it grants a permanent Overdrive effect for the entire level. Powerups cannot be picked up while this cheat is active.