Overload Deathmatches

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Overload Deathmatches
Title screen
Authors Various
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 1998
Link Doomworld/idgames

Overload Deathmatches is a 16-level megawad for Doom II that focuses on tight multiplayer duels. It was created by a team of four Swedish level designers, with project lead Ola Björling (ukiro) providing a new texture set and Nicklas Linnes writing its MIDI soundtrack. From June 23, 1998 until its release over two months later, Doomworld posted a series of Overload features to their new events section.[1] This included preview screenshots, an interview with Ola, a WAD review, and an IRC release party that was organized in channel #doomroom. The PWAD was uploaded to the idgames archive on August 28, 1998.

Each level features a symmetrical deathmatch arena that many would deem too small for three or four players. Generally played as a 1v1 duel, each player is in line-of-sight or aware of their opponent's location at all times. The level exits are also hidden from view like a typical secret area found in single player levels.


Levels for the WAD were made by:

Music for the WAD was written by:

  • Nicklas Linnes

Textures and graphics for the WAD were created by:

  • Ola Björling



  • The Overload texture lump OBRICK12 was later included in OTEX, a standalone texture set released by Ola Björling in 2018, making it OTEX's oldest artwork.

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