Owen Lloyd (Sarge Baldy)

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Owen Lloyd (also known as Sarge Baldy) is a mapper within the Doom community. Lloyd first began mapping around 1996 but did not enter the larger community until the summer of 2002, unveiling his review page, which grew to a fair size over the years before being taken down in early 2005. In early 2003 he became the primary host of speedmapping exercises and soon afterward started the ZDoom racing project ZooM.

He was an early proponent of Doom Builder, and the first to release a map with the editor. Additionally, he created numerous configurations, suggested new features, and served as a beta-tester for many of its releases. He also served as a moderator for the short-lived idgames.net and for the Skulltag forums from their birth up until summer 2005. In addition, he is an administrator on both the ZDoom and Doom Wikis.

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