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Page 100 of PC Zone issue #19, with the complete entries list
Page 16 of PC Zone issue #15, where the competition was first announced

The PC Zone Doom Level Competition was a mapping contest held from June 1994 to October 1994, hosted by PC Zone, an UK based computer gaming magazine founded in 1993. The competition was announced in issue #15, with the goal of promoting the recently released level editor DEU. The overall winners were announced in issue #19, and packaged in a single CD-ROM alongside the magazine.

All entries were designed for the original Doom. The jury panel was conformed by David McCandless (DoomMaster).

Over 120 total submissions were received.


  1. Employees of Dennis Publishing were not eligible.
  2. Only new levels were accepted.
  3. Deathmatch points must be specified.
  4. The winners decision is final.


  • 1st place received £100 worth of software.
  • The runners-up were each gifted a game.
  • All three overall winners were published in issue #19.


WAD Title Author
Abbey Mark Davies
Abraxis Nick Lee
Airvent David Seager
Amaze Stuart Davies
Arena Anon
Barrel R.T. Burke
Big Gareth Jones
Bigbad Bruce Sloan
Boblev Robert Hanbleton
Canals M. Booth
Cast2 Paulo Arrais
Castle Mike Wilsher
Chris Chris McMullen
Coop Anon
Corpsvil Paul Ambridge
Danlev Dan Haley
Daphu Harmesh Daphu
Death Gareth Jones
Death Timothy Wilson
Death Van Boechel
DHP David H. Parry
DJSLEVEL David Seager
DMT D. Tomlius
DOOMLEVS Chris Wingman
E1L1 David Moore
E1L1 S.D. Davies
E1L1, 2, 3 & 9 Peter Edwards
E1L2BEE9 Jeff Hammersley
E1L3 Timmy the Toad
E2M4 Gordon Anscombe
ELL Mr. Elliot Spencer
Entry Darren Latham
Evil Graham Wyatt
Factory Mr. J. Calder
FAWAAD Fawaad Moied
Final M. Lister
Final12 Peter Winfieldale
Final2 Phil Snowdon
Gareth1 Gareth Jones
Goldmine James Thompson
GUS Angus Stewart
Hangar Mike Wilcox
Hell James Hughes & Less Watson
IMPFORT Mike Ferguson
INCINER8 David Wilson
Joels Joel Hogarth
Johns Jon Shaw & Simon Crisp
JOM69 Johnam Eli Gudjonsson
Jon Johnathon Young
KAJ Anon
Kevin Kevin Bly
Kevin Kevin Fox
Kirk Patrick Fraioli
LEV1 Colin Waugh
LEV2 Colin Waugh
LIPS D. Rigby
Machinery David Seager
Mark Mark Stump
Matthew Matthew Bashton
Mortis Ben Sidwell
MYLEVEL Simon Green
Neil Neil Porter
Newage Anon
NEWDOOM Robert Baker
Nick Nick Freeman
Nigel Mr. Nigel Disley
OLLYSLEV Oliver Atkins
PATWO11 P. Wissles
Psycho John Bennett
Rob MR. R. Bellamy
SENDME Andrew Cox
Ships David Seager
Sniper Philip Moyles
SPANGOOD Stephen Angood
Storm B.V.A. Ruimshoot
Styx Bob Cawte
Teleport Nick Honey
The Maze David Jirku
Tiger-21 Tony Palmersjo
TIME2DIE Martin Dean
Trial The Doctor
TRIP14 James Clover
TURNBULL Dave Turnbull
Whiplash Martin Whitmarsh
Yellow D. Rigby
Zarnek David Massingham


WAD Title Author
Bunker Glen Levisohn
Carnage C.P. Wright
Chaos C.P. Wright
COMP S.A. Perry
DAVES2ND Dave Cameron
DE2106 David Emmett
DEUS Brian Mckevitt
Domain David Brown
DRDOOM1 Dave Farr
E1L3 Jim Papakostas
Grayday Paulo Caixinha
Jail Per Bergstrand & Anders Naucler
JEFF247 Jeff Smalley
Mayhem Anon
MNTDOOM John Meaden
MTGLEVEL Dr. Martin Giblin
Nuclear Simon Colloney
Plant Anon
RD1 R.W. Brown
ROBS Robert Watson
Temple David Harvey
TONE2 Tony Jull
Wreck Chris Davie


  • SWFORT by Steve Waite
  • Meltdown by Mark Cole

Special Presentation Prize[edit]

  • Psycho by John Bennett


  • TMP by Gary McAndrew

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