PSX Doom: The Lost Levels


Not to be confused with The Lost Mission (an add-on for Doom 3), The Lost Levels, or Lost episode (disambiguation).

PSX Doom: The Lost Levels is an add-on to the PlayStation Doom TC aimed at providing a conversion of the Doom levels that weren't originally included in the ports of Doom and Final Doom to the Sony PlayStation. The maps reuse the original soundtrack for PSX Doom and Final Doom, though an optional music pack features new ambient music created by DeXiaZ.


Level Base Conversion author Music track
The Ultimate Doom
LOST01: Forsaken Keep E3M1 NoneeLlama Retribution Dawns
LOST02: Slough of Despair E3M2 NoneeLlama The Broken Ones
LOST62: Warrens (secret level) E3M9 NoneeLlama, Salahmander2 Breath of Horror
LOST03: They Will Repent E4M5 fenderc01 Corrupted Core
LOST04: Against Thee Wickedly E4M6 DeXiaZ Mutation
LOST63: Lost Sewers (secret level) Xbox E1M10 BaronOfStuff Retribution Dawns
LOST05: And Hell Followed E4M7 Avoozl Digitized Pain
LOST64: Fear (secret level) E4M9 fenderc01 Malignant
LOST06: Dis E3M8 BaronOfStuff Digitized Pain
Doom II
LOST07: Downtown MAP13 DeXiaZ Mind Massacre
LOST65: Betray (secret level) Xbox MAP33 DeXiaZ Malignant
LOST08: Industrial Zone MAP15 DeXiaZ Mutation
LOST66: The Castle (secret level) MAP31 BaronOfStuff Mind Massacre
LOST67: The Escape (super secret level) MAP32 BaronOfStuff Hopeless Despair
LOST09: Gotcha! MAP20 DeXiaZ Breath of Horror
LOST10: The Chasm MAP24 fenderc01, Salahmander2 A Calm Panic Rises
LOST11: The Spirit World MAP28 Salahmander2 Lurkers
LOST12: The Living End MAP29 Salahmander2 Corrupted
Master Levels
LOST13: Garrison GARRISON.WAD DeXiaZ Bells of Agony
LOST14: Titan Manor MANOR.WAD DeXiaZ Vexation
LOST15: Trapped on Titan TTRAP.WAD DeXiaZ Infectious
LOST16: Bloodsea Keep BLOODSEA.WAD Dragonsbrethren Larva Circuits
LOST17: Mephisto's Mausoleum MEPHISTO.WAD DeXiaZ Malignant
LOST18: Black Keep BLACKTWR.WAD DeXiaZ The Foulness Consumes
LOST19: Elevator to Hell TEETH.WAD MAP31 Paul Corfiatis Corrupted Core
LOST68: Bad Dream (secret level) TEETH.wad MAP32 BaronOfStuff The Foulness Consumes
TNT: Evilution
LOST20: Power Control MAP03 Salahmander2 Infectious
LOST21: Hanger MAP05 DeXiaZ Tendrils of Hate
LOST22: Open Season MAP06 Avoozl Lurkers
LOST23: Prison MAP07 DeXiaZ Corrupted
LOST24: Metal MAP08 DeXiaZ The Broken Ones
LOST25: Stronghold MAP09 Salahmander2 Steadfast Extermination
LOST26: Redemption MAP10 BaronOfStuff Larva Circuits
LOST73: The Innermost Dens (secret level) TWM01.WAD Tristan Clark Beyond Fear
LOST27: Storage Facility MAP11 DeXiaZ Digitized Pain
LOST28: Steel Works MAP14 Paul Corfiatis Corrupted
LOST29: Dead Zone MAP15 Salahmander2 Hopeless Despair
LOST69: Pharaoh (secret level) MAP31 Tristan Clark Unhallowed
LOST70: Caribbean (super secret level) MAP32 DeXiaZ Demon Drone
LOST30: Mill MAP18 DeXiaZ Mutation
LOST31: Shipping/Respawning MAP19 DeXiaZ Breath of Horror
LOST32: Main Processing MAP20 DeXiaZ A Calm Panic Rises
LOST33: Administration Center MAP21 Paul Corfiatis Retribution Dawns
LOST34: Habitat MAP22 DeXiaZ Corrupted
LOST35: Baron's Den MAP25 Avoozl Beyond Fear
LOST36: Mount Pain MAP27 DeXiaZ Steadfast Extermination
LOST37: River Styx MAP29 Cryo In the Grip of Madness
LOST61A: Last Call MAP30 BaronOfStuff Unhallowed
The Plutonia Experiment
LOST38: Well of Souls MAP02 Dragonsbrethren Lurkers
LOST39: Caged MAP04 Dragonsbrethren Creeping Brutality
LOST40: Caughtyard MAP07 Tristan Clark Digitized Pain
LOST41: Realm MAP08 Salahmander2 A Calm Panic Rises
LOST42: Abattoire MAP09 Salahmander2 The Broken Ones
LOST43: Hunted MAP11 DeXiaZ Sanity's Edge
LOST44: Speed MAP12 DeXiaZ Hell's Churn
LOST45: The Crypt MAP13 Salahmander2 Mutation
LOST46: Genesis MAP14 Salahmander2 Sanity's Edge
LOST47: The Twilight MAP15 DeXiaZ Breath of Corruption
LOST71: Cyberden (secret level) MAP31 BaronOfStuff Tendrils of Hate
LOST72: Go 2 It (secret level) MAP32 BaronOfStuff Breath of Corruption
LOST48: The Omen MAP16 DeXiaZ Hell's Churn
LOST49: Compound MAP17 Salahmander2 Digitized Pain
LOST50: Neurosphere MAP18 Tristan Clark Beyond Fear
LOST51: NME MAP19 Salahmander2 Demon Drone
LOST52: Slayer MAP21 Salahmander2 Twisted Beyond Reason
LOST53: Impossible Mission MAP22 DeXiaZ Digitized Pain
LOST54: Tombstone MAP23 BaronOfStuff Tendrils of Hate
LOST55: The Final Frontier MAP24 Salahmander2 Beyond Fear
LOST56: Temple of Darkness MAP25 Salahmander2 Corrupted Core
LOST57: Bunker MAP26 DeXiaZ Corrupted
LOST58: Anti-Christ MAP27 Salahmander2 Hopeless Despair
LOST59: The Sewers MAP28 DeXiaZ Steadfast Extermination
LOST60: Odyssey of Noises MAP29 Nuxius, DeXiaZ Beyond Fear
LOST61B: Gateway of Hell MAP30 BaronOfStuff Mutation
Final map
LOST61C: Icon of Sin Doom II MAP30 BaronOfStuff Hell's Churn
Bonus maps
LOST61: Last Gateway of Sin All three MAP30s merged BaronOfStuff Steadfast Extermination
LOST17D: DeXiaZ's Mausoleum Old conversion of MEPHISTO.WAD DeXiaZ Malignant

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