PUSS IV: The 12 Days of Doommas

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PUSS IV: The 12 Days of Doommas
Titlepic by Aletheos EberlainTitlepic by Aletheos Eberlain
Authors Various
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2020
Link Doomworld/idgames

PUSS IV: 12 Days of Doommas is a December 2020 speedmapping community project led by BluePineapple72, and the fourth entry in the Pineapple Under the Sea series. Each of the levels were built within 12 hours or less, using a custom resource pack. It received a sequel with PUSS XIV: 12 MORE Days of Doommas in 2021.

Each mapper was required to include the following while mapping: 12 Hours of mapping, 11 Shotgun shells, 10 Sector limit, 9 Pain elementals, 8 Former humans, 7 Brainy spiders, 6 Power spheres, 5 Arch-viles, 4 Cyberdemons, 3 Damage floors, 2 Keycards, and 1 BFG.



  • MAP10: Merry Fistmas shares a name with MAP03 by Luca Pavone (Chookum) from Christmas Cheer at the Chill Zone, which was released a year later in 2021. This is likely just a coincidence.

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