PUSS X: The Summer of Slaughter

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PUSS X: The Summer of Slaughter
Titlepic and logo by DanlexTitlepic and logo by Danlex
Authors Various
Port GZDoom
Year 2021
Link Doomworld/idgames

PUSS X: Summer of Slaughter is a July through September 2021 speedmapping community project led by BluePineapple72, and the tenth entry in the Pineapple Under the Sea series. Each of the levels was built within 12 hours or less, using a custom resource pack. Mappers were required to build grandiose maps with slaughter-focused gameplay.

There are two versions of this PWAD. The full version (Summer of Slaughter.pk3) contains all levels that were submitted for the event, which required all levels to UDMF-compatible. The second WAD (SOS_BOOM.wad) is a Boom-compatible version that contains placeholder levels for each of the UDMF levels and shifts levels 30-32 to levels 31-33 to account for the hardcoded telefragging parameters.



  • This PWAD has one secret and one super-secret level for each of its three episodes. They are each inspired by a different past PUSS event.
  • Each episode is a summer-themed pun referencing episode names from The Ultimate Doom.

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