Personal teleporter


The personal teleporter in the equipment selection menu.
The personal teleporter ready for use.

The personal teleporter is an equipment item in Doom (2016), available only in multiplayer. It takes the form of a small metal donut-shaped disc, roughly hexagonal, with several projections on both edges. When thrown, it will attach to a surface and begin to generate an orb of energy in the center, indicating that it is ready for use. When the activation button is pressed again, the player will teleport to the item's location.

"A thrown device that teleports a soldier to its location. After deployment, activate again to teleport."
― Equipment menu description

Tactical analysis[edit]

The personal teleporter allows quick movement at short to medium ranges. There is a short, limited amount of time after being thrown to activate teleportation before the device will return to the player. Like all side-arm equipment items, the personal teleporter has unlimited uses, and is balanced by a cooldown timer. A telefrag can be possible with it, but it is a very rare result since players will normally be able to see the teleporter.

Alongside the frag grenade, the personal teleporter is one of the two equipment items which are immediately available for use and do not require any progression to unlock. It has been part of the game since the original launch.