Phantom Class Dropship


A Phantom dropship at the beginning of the game.

In Doom 3, Phantom Class Dropships are the standard transport ships of the UAC, used for cargo and personnel transfers to and from Mars. Phantoms have no less than 10 individual thruster engines, which provide the dropship with plentiful thrust and maneuverability, able to hover indefinitely and steadily.


The Phantom class vessel is powered by proprietary UAC antimatter plasma drives, which use pure hydrogen gas as fuel. It is unclear whether or not the Phantom class has been retrofitted to incorporate the Alpha Labs' Molecular Fuel Storage Compactor technology. The video about the MFS shows a vessel which closely resembles it, suggesting that if it is not already in use, it would have been integrated eventually.


  • The player arrives on Mars in a dropship, call-sign "Darkstar".
  • At the end of The Lost Mission in the Doom 3: BFG Edition, the protagonist is rescued by marines arriving in a dropship, which also has the call-sign "Darkstar" (presumably the same ship).
  • The plot of Doom Resurrection involves a Bravo Team survivor's quest to join up with a group leaving Mars on a Phantom dropship.