Phobos Labs - Sector 2: Molecular Research


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Phobos Labs - Sector 2: Molecular Research
Map name: game/phobos2

Phobos Labs - Sector 2: Molecular Research is the eighth level of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. Player shuts down pumping station, and aux power. The bruiser, Doom 3's most powerful non-boss monster, is first encountered here. The player fights the third boss, the Invulnerability Hunter.


The marine arrives at the Sector 2's Reception. He goes through a few rooms and offices until he finds Conference Room with a PDA that unlocks the door to Research Sector B, where Dr McNeil resides. On his way to her he also fights the first bruiser enemy. When the marine finally meets McNeil, she tells him that the only way to stop the invasion is to send The Artifact back to Hell, via a portal in Delta Labs. But to get to the Delta Labs the marine needs to first power up the teleporter in Phobos Labs - Sector 1. However, because there isn't enough reserve power in the facility left, to do this the marine needs shut down and reroute all the other power-consuming systems, including Pumping Station and Research Power in this sector, and the reactor and life-support system in Sector 3.

The marine proceeds to do so and first needs to reach Pumping Station. He has to go through a surface area to reach it. After shutting it down he goes back inside the facility using a different airlock. Once inside, he needs to access Security Core to activate the lift that will lead him to Energy Core, so the marine goes through Commons and finds a bridge leading to Security Core. It's locked with a code which is found in a PDA in Upper Walkway. The code is 281. This area is guarded by an automated turret gun, and if an incorrect code is entered at the bridge it will fire upon the player. After activating the lift and going back to Security Core Access, he takes the lift and reaches Energy Core.

However, in Energy Core a small surprise awaits the marine - the Invulnerability Hunter, the most dangerous of Hell Hunters. It uses the electricity from energy cores to make itself invulnerable. To defeat it, the marine needs to shoot the Hunter until it starts powering up, at which point the marine needs to run to one of the cores that the Hunter is using to charge itself, open it via a control panel, and shoot it until it blows up. Repeat this process three times. After destroying all the cores, the marine still needs to finish the creature off. After defeating it, the marine is granted with Invulnerability power up for The Artifact.

The destruction of all energy cores causes the Research Power to shut down, and the marine now has to return to the SkyTram station to board the tram to Sector 3. He uses the Security Core lift again, enters Security Control and unlocks the door back to Research Lobby, from which he, after fighting lots of enemies, can proceed to the station.


Locate Dr. McNeil
Rendezvous with Dr. Elizabeth McNeil.
Shutdown Pumping Station
Shutdown power to the external pumping station.
Shutdown Research Power
Shutdown Research Auxiliary Power and reroute it to the experimental teleporter.
Return to the Phobos Labs SkyTram Station.






The enemy count on Nightmare is the same as on Veteran. Includes only enemies that can be fought and killed.


* The rocket launcher and one large rockets pickup are located on top of a catwalk in Reception, and seem to be inaccessible as there is now way of getting there without cheats.

There are four health stations on the level, each has 100 health in reserve. In the BFG Edition, there are only three due to the removal of the underground area beneath the Energy Core.

Starting inventory[edit]

If the player starts the level via a console command, they will start with these items:

Item Amount
The Artifact 1
Grabber 1
Flashlight 1
Pistol 1
Shotgun 1
Double barrel shotgun 1
Machine gun 1
Chaingun 1
Rocket launcher 1
Bullets (large) 1
Clip (large) 1
Grenades 1


  • This level is divided into three parts on the Xbox version of the game: Phobos Labs: Skytram Junction, Phobos Labs: Pumping Station and Phobos Labs: Molecular Research. The first part contains a segment from the previous level.
  • In the original 2005 version of Resurrection of Evil, Martian Buddy Blaster can be played in the rec area near the kitchen. In later versions based on Doom 3: BFG Edition, the unique game has been replaced with another copy of Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3.


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