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Pierce Rogers

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Site 3: Analysis Facility

Doctor Pierce Rogers was a UAC scientist stationed at Site 3 on Mars during the events of Doom 3. He was one of the most prominent experts and researchers on the ancient Martian civilization that once inhabited Mars. In August of 2145, he made a video disk that detailed his findings on the Ancients. Based on the emails of his PDA, it seems he was colleagues with both Richard Davis and Elizabeth McNeil. At some point before the events of the game, he had a disagreement with Dr. McNeil - probably having to do with Betruger's research. When the demons invaded, he tried to send her an email apologizing for not listening to her in the first place, and telling her that she was right about everything and that she must warn Earth. Unfortunately, the message could not be transmitted due to the massive damage the base had taken. Rogers also made a recording in his PDA explaining that the stone tablets were in fact warnings against the usage of the teleporters, and that the Soul Cube is the only way to stop the demons.

During the demon invasion of Mars, Dr. Rogers was stuck in his office in the Artifact Research area of the Site 3 Analysis Facility. He wanted to go to the Delta Complex and find the Soul Cube, but there were too many demons between him and Delta. He instead decided to stay in his office and continue his research so that he could upload his findings to the database in hopes that someone would find them.

After you kill the demons outside his office, Rogers opens his office and lets you in. He is astonished to learn that you have retrieved the Soul Cube, and tells you the Cube is the only way to stop this invasion. He gives you his PDA, and tells you that he cannot go with you, as he has to stay there and finish his research.

Take the PDA on his desk and it will give you access to the entire Site 3 complex. Take the CD on the desk while you are at it. His exact fate is unknown, although the opening of Resurrection of Evil states that the Marine was the only survivor found on the base, so he may have been killed off screen. However, given that The Lost Mission reveals there were other survivors of the invasion, Rogers too may have survived.


  • Pierce Rogers has a nephew named Timmy Rogers, as shown by his PDA's emails.
  • If you kill Pierce Rogers, an arch-vile will spawn outside his office.
  • In his PDA emails, there is a reference to Quake, another game series made by id Software. This is in the form of his nephew thanking him for gifting a copy of Quake 43.

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