Pineapple Under the Sea


Pineapple Under the Sea (abbreviated as PUSS) is a series of monthly speedmapping community projects led by BluePineapple72 and Death Bear.


The Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping Series was started by BluePineapple72 in September 2020 on his Discord server named "The Pineapple Under the Sea." PUSS launched as 'Monthly Speedmaps' stemming from an idea initially proposed by Steve88 as a monthly 1 hour speedmap dropbox. The general rules for each event would change for each month, with mapping formats alternating between Boom compatible and UDMF and time limits fluctuating to match the difficulty of the rule sets imposed by each unique event.

The title of PUSS wouldn't be applied to events until after January 2021 once users found that the abbreviation of the server name mimicked the body part pun of the Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions.

After the 11th session, project leader responsibilities would be delegated beyond solely BluePineapple72, in the interest of maintaining the monthly event output and freeing up his time to complete backlog work for the series.

Project leads[edit]

Body of work[edit]