Pinky (Doom Eternal)


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The pinky of Doom Eternal is a returning demon from Doom (2016).

It is now a darker shade of pink, and huffs steam when it sees the Doom Slayer.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Like its counterpart from Doom (2016), the front of the pinky is heavily armored but its tail has no armor at all, so the player should attack the pinky's tail to inflict the most damage. A direct Blood Punch will instantly kill it, even from the front.

The pinky's main attack is to charge at the player, which the player can avoid by double-jumping or dashing. The player should try to trick the pinky into charging into walls, which will stun it long enough for the player to attack its tail. The pinky can also be frozen with an ice bomb to stop it turning round.


Since their numbers began to rise on Earth, Pinkies have become the bane of ARC fortifications. A single charging Pinky can smash down walls and immobilize (or even overturn) armored vehicles with ease, all while shrugging off weapons fire with its tough carapace. Among the demonic forces, they are used as line-breakers able to clear a path for other demons by laying waste to defensive encampments and defenders alike.

The ARC has since declared Pinkies to be priority targets, and advises its soldiers that they are best eliminated with long range bombardment before they can get into charging distance.

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Slayer stabs the base of the pinky's tail twice with the Doom blade.
  • The Slayer stabs the Doom blade through the side of the pinky's head, piercing both its eyes.


The pinky was first seen during the QuakeCon 2018 game play reveal, during the city level in where the super gore nest is located. It is seen charging at the player, using the same attack from Doom (2016).