Pistol (Doom 2016)

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This article is about the weapon in Doom (2016). For other versions of this weapon, see:
The pistol.

The UAC EMG sidearm, also simply known as the pistol, is a weapon in the 2016 Doom. It is a rough equivalent of the pistol from previous Doom games, but differs from them significantly. It is a small directed energy weapon based on plasma gel - called energy-matter-gel. Four megawatts of Argent energy are compressed into a kinetic slug. The weapon can be upgraded to allow it to be charged for a more powerful shot. It cannot acquire weapon modifications, however. It has an unlimited ammunition supply thanks to a gravitational dynamo which is charged by the wielder's movements. It is a standard issue weapon for all UAC Tier 2 adherents.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The pistol is the weakest weapon in the game and is intended for emergency use as a backup sidearm. It is not of much use beyond taking out possessed, as even imps take too many shots for it to be effective if under combat pressure, such as during an arena battle. It can be used selectively to pick off already seriously wounded enemies, however, particularly ones who are staggering with critical health but in a situation where the player does not have the time or space to perform a glory kill. It has a faster achieveable rate of fire than the original incarnation, which makes EMG fare a bit better in fights that feature stronger enemies than possessed (compared to the original pistol when used against enemies stronger than former humans, which was a risky tactic at best).


Pistol's energy-based nature, infinite ammo supply, and status as the lowest tier weapon all make it similar to and likely inspired by the blasters of the Quake series of games.