Plasma rifle (Doom 2016)


The plasma rifle.
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The plasma rifle weapon returns in the 2016 Doom. Based on an early 21st century high-intensity plasma gun design, it has been enhanced with Argent energy technology developed at the UAC Mars Base. After these enhancements, it has become a standard-issue equipment for many militaries and has obsoleted the heavy assault rifle. Its plasmoid projectiles cause damage through both kinetic and thermal energy.[1] It has a high rate of fire, emitting small bright blue discrete spheres of plasma. Unlike previous versions of the weapon, the plasma spheres have a small blast damage effect. This can be substantially increased through use of the weapon's modified firing mode - a single larger plasma orb will be emitted which detonates in air, covering the nearby area in burning napalm-like plasma for a short period.

"A fully automatic rifle that fires pulses of super-heated plasma capable of dealing splash damage."
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Heat Blast
An attachment for the muzzle of the plasma rifle, this unit collects heat into a copper crucible, and can release it via transfer to a diffusion chamber. The resulting wave can knock back targets and causes damage over a small range. Normal use of the weapon will recharge this module. The UAC recommends use of protective gear by the operator when using this device.
Stun Bomb
A modification which combines multiple shots into a single larger projectile. It is said to generate Birkeland currents, a phenomenon associated with intense magnetic fields, via exceeding the "Franheiser limit," an apparently novel discovery in physics by the UAC. It stuns targets within the discharge radius for several seconds with its electromagnetic effects. It requires a cool-down period between firings.


Heat Blast[edit]

Super Heated Rounds
Shots build heat faster.
Cost: 1 / 3 / 5 weapon points
Improved Venting
Decreases recovery time between heat blast shots.
Cost: 1 / 3 / 5 weapon points
Expanded Threshold
The heat meter maximum is increased, allowing a higher range of damage.
Cost: 1 / 3 / 5 weapon points
Mastery - Heated Core
Unlocked by killing multiple enemies with a single heat blast 20 times. The heat meter is automatically charged over time, taking about 10 seconds to fully charge, and can even charge when in your inventory.

Stun Bomb[edit]

Quick Recharge
Decreases cool-down time between stun bombs.
Cost: 1 / 3 / 5 weapon points
Big Shock
Stun bombs have an increased area of effect.
Cost: 1 / 3 / 5 weapon points
Larger Stun
The stagger induced by a stun bomb detonation lasts longer.
Cost: 1 / 3 / 5 weapon points
Mastery - Chain Stun
Unlocked by killing 30 enemies staggered by a stun bomb. Enemies killed while in the staggered state will explode with secondary stun bombs.


The plasma rifle is one of the four weapons that are unlocked from the start. It is also included in the default Assault preset, being paired with the rocket launcher and the frag grenade.


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