Platinum helm


The helm has been discovered in the Winnowing Hall. Baratus benefits from it the most.

The platinum helm is an item in Hexen that increases the character's armor class. Its appearance is that of a horned helmet. The Fighter receives 3 points of armor, the Cleric receives 1, and the Mage receives 2. The item can already be found in the prologue map Winnowing Hall, but it has not been placed in a visible spot there.


Platinum helm data
Thing type 8007 (decimal), 1F47 (hex)
Enum MT_ARMOR_3 (332)
Appears in Hexen demo
Hexen/DDC expansion
Radius 20
Height 16
Sprite ARM3
Frames 1 [A]
Class Item
Flags 513 (decimal)
00000201 (hex)
Flags list 0: Can be picked up
9: No gravity
Flags2 0 (decimal)
00000000 (hex)

Appearance statistics[edit]

In the IWADs the platinum helm is first encountered on these maps per skill level:

The IWADs contain the following numbers of platinum helms per skill level:

Other games[edit]

Hexen II has a similar item called "helmet".

See also[edit]

Hexen armor points
Fighter Cleric Mage
Amulet of Warding 1 4 5
Falcon shield 4 5 3
Mesh armor 5 2 1
Platinum helm 3 1 2