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The musical score for PlayStation Doom replaces the original MIDI soundtrack by Robert Prince with darker, ambient pieces intended to create a more foreboding atmosphere. The soundtrack for both PlayStation Doom and PlayStation Final Doom was composed by Aubrey Hodges, with the exception of the track "Club Doom," which was composed by Danny Lewis. The soundtrack was partially reused in the Sega Saturn version.

Track listing[edit]

Track name Doom Levels Final Doom Levels Length
Retribution Dawns MAP01: Hangar MAP11: Subspace 04:32
MAP15: Spawning Vats
MAP31: Entryway
MAP50: Barrels of Fun
The Broken Ones MAP02: Plant MAP12: Subterra 04:32
MAP14: Halls of the Damned
MAP48: Nirvana
Sanity's Edge MAP03: Toxin Refinery MAP13: Vesperas 05:01
MAP23: Tower of Babel
MAP49: The Catacombs
Hell's Churn MAP04: Command Control MAP14: System Control 05:01
MAP27: Unruly Evil
MAP54: Redemption Denied
Digitized Pain MAP05: Phobos Lab MAP15: Human Barbeque 04:58
MAP28: Unto the Cruel
MAP46: The Courtyard
Corrupted Core MAP06: Central Processing MAP16: Wormhole 05:09
MAP19: House of Pain
MAP45: Tenements
Mind Massacre MAP07: Computer Station MAP17: Crater 05:01
MAP26: Sever the Wicked
MAP51: Bloodfalls
Mutation MAP08: Phobos Anomaly MAP18: Nukage Processing 05:01
MAP35: The Waste Tunnels
MAP52: The Abandoned Mines
Breath Of Horror MAP09: Deimos Anomaly MAP21: Lunar Mining Project 05:19
MAP25: Perfect Hatred
MAP41: O of Destruction!
A Calm Panic Rises MAP10: Containment Area MAP19: Deepest Reaches 04:32
MAP32: Underhalls
MAP47: The Citadel
The Slow Demonic Pulse MAP11: Refinery MAP25: Congo 04:32
MAP39: The Pit
MAP53: Monster Condo
Corrupted MAP12: Deimos Lab MAP20: Processing Area 04:24
MAP29: Twilight Descends
MAP57: The Marshes
Steadfast Extermination MAP13: Command Center 05:28
MAP30: Threshold of Pain
MAP40: Refueling Base
Beyond Fear MAP16: Hell Gate MAP22: Quarry 06:04
MAP34: The Focus
MAP43: The Inmost Dens
In The Grip Of Madness MAP17: Hell Keep MAP26: Aztec 04:32
MAP42: The Factory
MAP58: The Mansion
Lurkers MAP18: Pandemonium MAP27: Ghost Town 03:42
MAP44: Suburbs
MAP55: Fortress of Mystery
Creeping Brutality MAP20: Unholy Cathedral MAP28: Baron's Lair 03:45
MAP37: Dead Simple
MAP56: The Military Base
Lamentation MAP21: Mt. Erebus MAP23: Ballistyx 04:02
MAP36: The Crusher
MAP59: Club Doom
Twisted Beyond Reason MAP22: Limbo MAP24: Heck 03:42
MAP33: The Gantlet
Hopeless Despair MAP24: Hell Beneath 05:01
MAP38: Tricks and Traps
Bells Of Agony MAP01: Attack 08:10
Vexation* MAP02: Virgil 04:50
Infectious MAP03: Canyon 07:01
Larva Circuits MAP04: Combine 05:25
Malignant MAP05: Catwalk 11:30
The Foulness Consumes MAP06: Fistula 12:05
Unhallowed MAP07: Geryon 07:35
Demon Drone* MAP08: Minos 05:36
Tendrils Of Hate MAP09: Nessus 09:43
MAP29: The Death Domain
Breath Of Corruption MAP10: Paradox 06:27
MAP30: Onslaught
Club Doom MAP59: Club Doom 02:10
Main Theme Title screen 03:11
Level Complete Stats Intermission 03:28
Credits & Demo Credits 03:56
Finale End game 03:48

* Track names marked with asterisk are not looped in the game. This has been confirmed to be a bug by Aubrey Hodges.

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