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Title screen.

PocketStation DOOM is a fan-made Doom game for the Japanese-exclusive Sony PocketStation, a small hybrid PDA and memory card device for the Sony PlayStation video game console, comparable to the Sega Dreamcast's VMU.


Video of emulated gameplay.

The Mars base where you are was taken over by monsters from Hell. You must find the switch to escape from the base.


  • RUN: ↑ or ↓ (hit repeatedly).
  • MOVE: ↑ or ↓ (press continuously).
  • USE/OPEN: hit ↑ when a door is in front of you.
  • TURN: ← or →
  • STRAFE: ← or → (press continuously).
  • FIRE: main button.
  • MENU: ← and →

Game details[edit]



  • Darkness: darkens the view.
  • Teleporter: moves the players from one location to another.
  • Damaging floor: damages the player.
  • Barrel: when you shoot it, it explodes, causing damage.
  • Secret area: press ↑ in a dubious place. Then, you will step into a secret area.


Technical details[edit]

To be used, the PocketStation must be connected to a PC using a PlayStation 3 memory card adapter and MCRWwin program. It is also possible to play the game via the PK201 PocketStation emulator.

Like in the original Doom, WADs can be loaded. Music, sound effects, maps, enemy strengths, and all the images are replaceable.


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