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A possessed engineer.

The possessed engineer is a subtype of the possessed which occurs in Doom (2016). Subjects working with volatile equipment at the time of Lazarus wave exposure may sometimes have the equipment fused to their bodies by the intensity of the Hell energy, resulting in a literal walking bomb. Like the basic possessed, these engineers are still mindless slaves driven by a higher overseer.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Health: 150

Possessed engineers have an explosive tank fused into their chest. This means that they may explode if you are not careful fighting them. Upon seeing the player, they will quickly stumble towards them and explode. They may fly backwards and explode, dealing a significant amount of damage in the blast radius, if a precise shot is fired at the gas tank fused to the chest. Melee is not recommended.


According to The Art of DOOM, a development name for the possessed engineer was "Welder zombie".[1]

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