Possessed worker

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A possessed worker.

The possessed worker is a monster in Doom (2016), one of the lowest-status zombie-like creatures known collectively as the Possessed. It is equal in strength to the possessed scientist, alongside which it often occurs. They are similar to the zombies of Doom 3 in behavior and in their status as pure, unarmed cannon fodder.

Strangely, the possessed worker has no codex entry of its own, apparently being folded into the entry for the possessed scientist. However, it is described uniquely in SnapMap:

"Possessed workers are created in a Lazarus Wave event, a phenomenon discovered during Dr. Olivia Pierce's Lazarus Project research operation."
― SnapMap description

Tactical analysis[edit]

Health: 150

Possessed workers are the weakest class of possessed. They are completely mindless and simply shuffle toward the player, aiming to batter them to death. Parts of their uniforms are melting into their flesh. A major difference from the possessed scientist is the still mostly intact skull with a melted face, versus the scientist's hollowed-out eyes. They are completely unchallenging and essentially only serve to be fodder for glory kills and the player's pistol. Like the possessed scientist, they can easily be prepped for a glory kill using a weapon bash.


Possessed workers may sometimes engage in combat with imps.


All possessed are created in Lazarus wave events, first discovered by Olivia Pierce. Though most victims of Argent biowave exposure die immediately and without any remarkable effects, others absorb some of the released Argent energy, causing a state of post-mortem activity that can last for weeks or even months. Though necrosis of tissues sets in immediately, brain activity remains present, albeit limited to instinctual behaviors. While territorial and often violent in proximity to the living, they sometimes enter a state of torpor in which they will not move at all. When a large group of possessed is formed, more advanced activities will be observed, including the construction of gore nests, which if left unchecked will create interdimensional portals to Hell. These activities cannot be prevented even through dismemberment or the implantation of pain-causing microchips, indicating that the possessed are purely slaves to the will of an unseen higher power.