Praetor suit point


This article is about the item from Doom Eternal. For the item from Doom (2016), see Praetor token.
A Night Sentinel spirit holding a praetor suit point

Praetor suit points are a collectible item in Doom Eternal used to enhance the Praetor suit's capabilities, replacing the Praetor tokens found in Doom (2016). They usually take the form of round disks bearing the Doom Slayer's mark which are held by Night Sentinel spirits; one point is also awarded for each combat challenge completed during most levels. Points can be obtained after completing the Exultia level.


The screen for purchasing Praetor suit perks. The Hazard Protection perk is currently selected

Praetor suit points can be spent in the Suit tab in the dossier.

Purchasing all perks in one category will tick off the "This One's My Favorite" milestone, and purchasing all perks in all categories will tick off the "They're ALL My Favorite" milestone. Purchasing the Thicker Skin, Regenerating Barrels and Explosive Piñatas perks will tick off the "Barrels o' Fun" milestone.

Upgrade Points required Description
Hazard Protection 1 Rad suit takes less damage from toxic sludge and toxic water
Thicker Skin 2 Immune to damage from barrel explosions
Regenerating Barrels 2 Barrels that have exploded will respawn once after a short duration
Explosive Piñatas 2 Barrels will leave behind some ammo when destroyed
Frag grenade
Faster Frag Cooldown 3 Takes less time to cooldown after firing
Combustion Concussion 3 The grenade emits a second, larger, non-damaging explosion that falters demons
Scatter Bombs 4 Each demon killed by the grenade explosion spawns scatter bombs
Frag Stock Up 5 Fire twice before requiring a recharge
Ice bomb
Faster Ice Cooldown 3 Takes less time to cooldown after firing
Permafrost 3 Demons remain frozen for longer
Ice Drops 4 Damaging and killing frozen enemies will drop health
Frost Bite 5 Damage dealt against a frozen demon is increased
Grappler 1 Faster ledge grab and monkey bars
Hot Swapper 2 Faster weapon switch and mod swap
Faster Dasher 4 Dash refills more quickly
Hit and Run 4 Dash refilled on glory kills
Slayer Atlas 1 Reveals the automap station location on the automap
Item Classifier 1 Reveals all progression items on the dossier
Bigger Fog Lights 2 Larger automap reveal radius
Item Finder 3 Reveals the position of all progression items on the automap

Barrel ammo[edit]

The Explosive Piñatas upgrade causes all barrels to drop 2 shells, 10 bullets, 15 cells, and 1 rocket, and the Regenerating Barrels upgrade causes barrels to respawn once, so with both upgrades you can gain 4 shells, 20 bullets, 30 cells, and 2 rockets from each barrel.