Praetor token


This article is about the item from Doom (2016). For the item from Doom Eternal, see Praetor suit point.
The Doom Slayer removes a Praetor token from the suit of a fallen elite guard.

Praetor tokens are an item in the 2016 Doom which can be obtained from the suits of fallen UAC elite guards. These chips can be utilized by the Doom Slayer's Praetor suit to unlock and upgrade its latent capabilities.


The Praetor Suit menu, from which token-based upgrades can be managed.

Praetor suit upgrades are classified into five separate categories. These categories are each unlocked in a different way. When sufficient Praetor tokens have been acquired to activate an available upgrade, they can be allocated via the Praetor Suit menu.

Environmental Resistance[edit]

This category is unlocked simply by finding the Praetor suit.

Ability Tokens required Description
Hazard Protection 1 Damage taken from explosive barrels and environmental sources is reduced.
Self Preservation 2 Self-inflicted damage from weapons is reduced.
Barrels O' Fun 3 Immunity to damage from explosive barrels.

Area-Scanning Technology[edit]

This category is unlocked by using an automap station.

Ability Tokens required Description
Item Awareness 1 The automap reveals exploration items in a wider radius.
Secret Sense 2 The automap compass pulses when nearby a secret.
Full View 3 Exploration items are automatically displayed.

Equipment System[edit]

This category is unlocked by acquiring an equipment item.

Ability Tokens required Description
Quick Charge 2 Equipment recharge duration is reduced.
Stock Up 3 The total number of equipment charges is increased.
Rapid Charge 4 Recharge duration is further reduced.

Powerup Effectiveness[edit]

This category is unlocked by using a power-up.

Ability Tokens required Description
Power Surge 1 A blast wave is unleashed when a power-up expires.
Healing Power 2 Health is restored to maximum when a power-up is activated.
Power Extender 3 Power-up durations are increased.


This category is unlocked by possessing at least four weapons.

Ability Tokens required Description
Adept 2 Weapon changing time is reduced.
Quick Hands 3 Ledge grabbing speed is increased.
Hot Swap 4 Weapon modification swap time is reduced.


Guard number Location
Site 03
1 After opening the blue key door, go right to the automap station, then left and down a corridor.
Resource Operations
2 After collecting the yellow keycard, return to the security station and use the terminal to open the hatch in the hallway.
3 Return to the yellow keycard area and take a now unlocked door on the right. A vent allows dropping into a locked room below.
4 Turn left rather than entering the VEGA terminal and climb up into an office.
5 After activating the hand scanner and following the Hell knight hologram, drop down to the bottom level from the destroyed bridge and enter a small room to the back right.
6 Pass the conveyor hall beyond the yellow key door and go right before entering the gore nest arena. Climb up the crates and enter a vent.
7 Just before the end of the level after exiting the generator area.
Argent Facility
8 Find an area with a forcefield and a parked transport after encountering some Hell knights. Go to the lower path from there, enter a cave on the left, and climb into the alcove.
9 From the same area as guard 8, instead head toward the large blue vat room, but do not enter. Continue down the ledge to a hallway.
10 Near the exterior gore nest, climb up to the half-circle area. Jump to the path leading to the second floor. This guard is located between the outside gore nest and the second one inside.
11 After destroying all the Argent filters, another exterior gore nest becomes accessible. From its area, find a room with a hologram and turn left.
Argent Energy Tower
12 After double jumping to the tower entrance, drop down to some platforms beneath the entrance instead of proceeding inside.
13 Follow one of the revolving red cells through the first curved passageway and look for a walkway on the left. Jump to it, then turn around to find the guard in a doorway.
14 In the second curved passage with revolving cells, climb the stopped elevators and look for an alcove in the elevator shaft.
Kadingir Sanctum
15 Head right after opening the yellow skull door.
16 Beyond an Argent cell station and an area with cacodemons, find an objective door with a red marker, turn right, and jump over some spires to reach a cavern. From the upper ledge, turn to the right.
17 From the previous guard and in the next arena, go up some steps to find a field drone. From there, turn right and jump over a yellow jump pad; go down the hallway.
18 After the arena with barons, jump across the floating rocks to some stairs leading upward. Go right past a lore rune, climb up the rocks, and jump into a small nook with the guard.
Argent Facility (Destroyed)
19 Climb some maintenance walkways and drop into the skybridge through the roof. Immediately turn around.
20 At the rune trial, check the automap to find a small ledge beneath it. Dropping down toward the bottomless pit, use the double jump to get onto this platform. Take the vent to find a guard.
21 Leave the pinky arena, following a hologram to another arena with a blue jump pad. Use the jump pad to reach the upper level.
22 Drop down an elevator shaft immediately after finding the yellow keycard. The platform will drop and reveal a vent; jump to it.
Advanced Research Complex
23 Enter a vent in the ceiling of the women's bathroom.
24 Take the elevator after meeting Samuel Hayden, exit it, and follow the left wall.
25 Ride the wind in the area with fans and turn left. Turn left again, leaving the ordinary path of progression and look for an unlocked door.
Lazarus Labs
26 Finish off the first gore nest, continue into the hallway past a hologram and stop at a maintenance door. Turn around, enter a vent hatch, and crawl through the vent to reach a secret room.
27 When the doors open in the operating room with the mancubus on the table, jump to the raised door ahead, and use a security terminal. A secret room will be opened.
28 Beyond Olivia Pierce's blood chapel, drop through the hole in the bottom of the sacrificial pit.
29 After passing the hologram of Olivia near the Lazarus main reactor, look for a break room filled with blood beyond a gold-trimmed hallway. Turn right into the break room and find a vent in the wall. Climb in and then drop down.
Titan's Realm
30 Passing over a stone bridge over green slime, look under the bridge to find a skull switch and use it. A door will open in the rear right of the room. Look beneath the cage.
31 After collecting the yllow skull key, escape the trap and drop down into the green acid area. Go down some stairs to a lower area with more acid. The guard is across from a red skull switch.
32 Collect both skull keys and clear the following arena. Find a hallway with a cyber-mancubus after entering a giant skull across some large gaps. The guard is near an armor item.
33 Find the Icon of Sin. Clear the enemies there and look for a small hallway with two barons of Hell and a cyber-mancubus. The guard is near the cyber-mancubus, to the left of the exit.
VEGA Central Processing
34 Follow the right wall after leaving the starting airlock.
35 Finish the first arena and shut down the security terminal. Follow the right wall in a hallway with possessed engineers to a blue keycard door. Come back here with the blue keycard, which can be found by finding a hallway near a chainsaw embedded into the wall - open a nearby hatch, drop down, and follow the path to the blue captain's corpse.
36 After riding the tram, kill all enemies in the area and find a lift shaft. Neglect the lift for now, and drop down to some platforms below. Navigate the ledges and look for a balcony to drop down onto where the guard can be found. An elevator will allow returning to the lift.

Elite guards[edit]

An elite guard.

Elite guards are cybernetic super-soldiers clad in a specialized red suit of armor. They were created as security forces for the UAC Mars Base.

They are described as having been "level-headed" and "firm but fair," and their red armor was said to create a calming effect on other UAC personnel. They were given cybernetic enhancements in order to prepare them for dealing with nearly any situation. Due to these enhancements, a precautionary kill switch was built into the suits of all these guards, which could be triggered by a Lazarus Wave. The only UAC employees with access to this protocol were Samuel Hayden and Olivia Pierce.

When Olivia triggered the initial demonic invasion of the base, the elite guards initially played a role in attempting to quell the outbreak. It is assumed that any elite guards who were not killed by the demons were terminated by Olivia, using the kill switch protocol.

The bodies of the elite guards appear to be in better shape than other UAC combat force corpses, and no possessed security or possessed soldiers appear to have been derived from them, as none of them bear the distinct red armor.