Prayers Of Armageddon


Prayers Of Armageddon
Title screen
Author H3llraich
Port ZDoom
Year 2010
Link Dropbox

Prayers Of Armageddon is a Doom II megawad created by H3llraich. It includes 32 new maps and a hidden bonus map which is only accessible via using cheats. All the levels for the megawad were created entirely by H3llraich.

Originally H3llraich worked on Prayers Of Armageddon in January 2009. The project froze just the next month due to major technical problems. The project was revived in Januray 2010 and released in September 24th 2010. A bugfix version was released a month later.

Prayers Of Armageddon requires use of a source port. A ZDoom-based port is recommended for two reasons:

  • The wad does not come with a DeHackEd patch, instead opting to use the ZDoom-specific MAPINFO lump for custom map names.
  • Playing the wad in a non-ZDoom port may present bugs, e.g. making some secrets (such as the first secret in MAP01) unobtainable.


  • MAP01: Central Facility
  • MAP02: Easy Way Out
  • MAP03: The Speedrun
  • MAP04: Necropolis
  • MAP05: The Contamination
  • MAP06: Dark Town
  • MAP07: The Lesser Temple
  • MAP08: Nuclear Refinery
  • MAP09: Observation
  • MAP10: Terror Dungeon
  • MAP11: Castle
  • MAP12: Libraries
  • MAP13: Toxic Cliffs
  • MAP14: Confrontation
  • MAP15: Infested Halls
  • MAP16: Hell's Crossing
  • MAP17: Rooms Of Agony
  • MAP18: The Maze
  • MAP19: The City
  • MAP20: The Black Passage
  • MAP21: Caged
  • MAP22: Sacrificial Temple
  • MAP23: Retribution
  • MAP24: Blinded
  • MAP25: Claustrophobia
  • MAP26: Bloody Mess
  • MAP27: The Greater Temple
  • MAP28: Baron-O-Lence
  • MAP29: Perfection Of Mayhem
  • MAP30: The Keep
  • MAP31: Some Secret Map
  • MAP32: Challenging
  • MAP33: Body Disposal (accessible only through mapwarp cheat)

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Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation[edit]

H3llraich - more recently known as MFG38 - uploaded a video to his YouTube channel teasing a new Doom wad on May 28th, 2014. He later revealed that the video showcased a level from a remake of Prayers of Armageddon. The remake was titled Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation, and it was created entirely by MFG38. A 4-map demo of the remake was released on July 3rd, 2014, followed by the release of the full megawad on December 5th.