Logo of Project Doom, the full name of the port.

Codebase Steve Boom, Boom
Developer(s) Stephen Friederichs, Rethcir, DoomWiz
Initial release 0.1 (1998-12-29, 25 years ago)
Latest release 0.1 (1998-12-29, 25 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform DOS
License Doom Source License

PrjDoom, also known as Project Doom, was an early source port based on Steve Boom, an earlier port by its author, Stephen Friederichs and Boom.


After releasing Steve Boom 0.5, Stephen started a new port titled PrjDoom after reaching an agreement with the late Ty Halderman to rebrand the existing work done on Steve Boom, as its file name (PrjBoom) was deemed "too similar" to Boom. In its sole release, Stephen upgraded the source base to Boom 2.02 and added the Chasecam from Andy Kempling's port, Chase.

During this time Stephen did speak occasionally with Lee Killough, who at the time was making a new source port, called MBF. Friederichs said of the upcoming port, when his PrjDoom project was still called Steve Boom:

''...Then, there is also the matter of MBF, which I call LeeBOOM to help people who aren't familiar with it (and then most people go, 'Oh, yeah, that..'). MBF is a wonderful port, much better than BOOM IMO. I won't go incessantly on about features, but it's got lots. MBF will be THE engine for a while, considering both BOOM and DosDOOM don't look to be having releases anytime soon.

Therefore, I have finally come to a decision about which port to base SteveBOOM off of. Steve BOOM will use BOOM 2.02. I figure, if I use MBF, it's more like cheating. I want to have a source port that I can look at and say, "*I* (and DoomWiz) did that." But if I use MBF, I'll have to scrap most of my existing stuff (DEH's in WADs, Sky-For-Every-Level, etc). I'm not saying I won't be INFLUENCED by the MBF source, but I won't just cut/paste. I'll figure this crap out on my own. Lee, you'll be proud of me, I assure you.''

Several other and more extensive features were planned to bring PrjDoom to the new millennium, but these never came to fruition as college and sport increasingly gained more importance in Stephen's life, and as such work on PrjDoom became stalled.


PrjDoom, unlike Steve Boom, saw use as a testing port, being named in several releases on the idgames archive. Because of its DeHackEd loading support, its chasecam and several other features meant that at the time of release, it was one of the more feature rich ports available.

However, PrjDoom had to compete against the rise of MBF. The advanced new features of the latter and the quality seal of approval that Killough unintentionally brought along combined with the lack of time (and thus promotion) from Stephen's end meant that users picked MBF over PrjDoom. This, together with the increased focus on college life, resulted in PrjDoom been given a silent discontinuation, making v0.1 its sole and final release.


  • All features from Boom 2.02
  • All features from Steve Boom v0.5:
    • TCP/IP support
    • Single Player death messages with BEX extensions, so you can change them if you want with a DEH file and the -deh extension
    • Sloshing sounds in water ala Heretic
    • Falling damage parameter
    • Sky-for-Every-Level support
    • Loading of DeHackEd patches as a separate lump (though the text accompanying the release says it's broken, it is confirmed working)
  • Chasecam support, taken from Andy Kempling's Chase port
  • On/off options in the misc menu and .cfg file

Planned features[edit]

Several features were planned for PrjDoom, some of these being very advanced for the time:

  • Console
  • Default skill level
  • Capture the Flag support
  • Mouse look + Sky Fix
  • Per-level resources
  • Hi-color modes
  • Hi-res modes
  • CD-Audio support
  • "Game Script"
  • 3D collision code
  • Thing tags
  • Internet play
  • Player colors
  • Player names
  • Frag rankings
  • Crosshairs
  • Jump support
  • Crouching
  • Ambient noises
  • Non-linear level advancement
  • Skins
  • Inventory support
  • Breaking windows
  • Support for more keys (the kind that open locks)

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