The Programmer engages mortal combat with the player in his keep, attacking with his piece of the Sigil.
A computer image of the Programmer sneering at the player in the middle of an ambush.

The Programmer is the first boss of Strife: Quest for the Sigil. A high-ranking member of the Order who is ultimately in charge of all operations in Tarnhill, he is the programmer of the AI that controls most if not all the acolytes. He is the first character in the game to wield a piece of the Sigil, summoning Sigil A blasts to rain lightning down on the player. He appears as the upper torso of a gangly, emaciated man with long arms and cybernetic enhancements throughout his body. He is integrated into a domed hovering pod which starts closed up and opens as the player first approaches him in Castle: Programmer's Keep.

The first piece of the Sigil can be seen being worn on his neck like a necklace. He is the only Sigil-wielding enemy in the game that does not require the Sigil itself to damage, since he is either not fully possessed by a spectre, or the spectre has somehow been forced out. His spectre appears later in the ruined temple near the Order Commons. The Programmer has 1100 hit points. Once defeated, he will be broken apart from his pod, swiftly and unnaturally decaying into a skeleton. This allows the player to acquire the first piece of the Sigil, and the Order Castle will become the Front's new base.


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