Project Brutality


Project Brutality
Title screen for the current Project Brutality buildTitle screen for the current Project Brutality build
Authors pa1nki113r and the Project Brutality Team
Port GZDoom
IWAD Doom, Doom II
Year N/A

Project Brutality (formerly known as Project Brutality 3.0) is a WIP gameplay mod for the GZDoom source port that is currently being developed. Development began in 2015 as a fork of Brutal Doom version v19b that greatly expanded upon it, using assets from Realm 667 as well as its own custom content. However, it has since changed its direction to become a standalone project, with most inherited coding being removed and replaced with totally unique assets, as well as dropping its numbered version subtitle. There is currently no official release candidate or expected release date; it is actively developed at GitHub, and users are instructed to obtain it there, either in a stable Master Branch or the regularly updated Staging Branch.[1]

Project Brutality is one of the most popular mods for the GZDoom source port. As of July 2023, it has received the second most votes in an informal ZDoom forum poll about favorite mods.[2] It has also received extensive coverage on YouTube, where a large majority of its fanbase has originated from; many of these videos pair the mod with unofficial addons which are not officially endorsed by the team. Currently, all official discussion regarding the mod is present in its Discord server.[3] An official campaign (Project Black Mass) is in development, with focus on it being delayed until the standalone gameplay mod's completion.


General changes[edit]

  • Dynamic spawn system, affecting what monsters, weapons and items you will encounter. The exact active actors can be switched in the mod's options. By default, the spawn progression follows its own custom episode format which can be changed by users to follow the amount of levels in a map, ranging from 4-128 levels. It is divided into four "Tiers", where each weapon and monster type receives a new , stronger variation at this threshold. Tiers can either start directly upon reaching a level number, or can gradually form depending on the amount of levels played, with random variation on if a weapon/monster will receive a higher tier variant.
  • Expanded weapon arsenal, featuring overhauled versions of all classic Doom weapons, as well as 18 custom weapons, with influences derived from numerous sources. Every weapon includes numerous fire modes and a special ability that can change its function. Few, selected weapons have "weapon upgrades" tied to them, which are their improved versions that replace the old weapons (but can be obtained without the base weapon in possession).
  • Expanded monster roster, with most of the monster types having at least two other "variants" - alternate versions of increasing threat level with various abilities. An overhaul of this feature is in development and is actively teased on the mod's Discord server.
  • New power-up types and inventory items, as well as custom "respect" animations for weapons when they are picked up.
  • Additional player abilities, e.g.: a "dash" dodging maneuver, double jump, ledge grabbing, sliding, and in development first person fatalities on all monster types through usage of a "quick melee" keybind.
  • New movement physics, custom weapon crosshairs that are automatically paired for each weapon, a custom HUD, menu font, overhauled weapon slot organization, particle effects, and a reworked gore system.
  • New death animations and fatalities, complementing introduced monster variants.

Weapon changes[edit]

Every weapon in base Doom has been revisited to include a rebalanced standard fire, as well a secondary fire. Most of the weapons include tertiary functions (also called "Weapon specials"), which range from changing the secondary (or rarely, primary fires), to changing the entire weapon appearance and functionality. Weapon specials are accessed through a built in circular wheel that allows a player to directly pick which special behaviors they want their weapon to inherit; many of these are exclusive to each other, similar to weapon modules in Doom Eternal.

Weapons are divided into specific tiers, with tier 1 adding no new weapons and only overhauled versions of classic Doom's arsenal. Further tiers add in custom content or upgrade the power of weapons before.

Tier 1[edit]

- Fists (Slot 1)

  • Primary fire: A standard punching motion with the left fist of the player; if paired with a secondary fire in an alternating pattern, it can deliver a harsh jab to the side to finish off enemies.
  • Secondary fire: A standard punching motion with the right fist of the player. It can also perform a finishing, highly damaging haymaker similar to the primary fire.
  • Weapon special: When berserk is acquired, the player can crack their knuckles and change their execution settings to a high powered blow towards the enemy, similar to vanilla's berserk, or a first person execution towards an enemy fit with a custom animation and bonus health.
  • Quick melee: A special keybind that will automatically use the fist's functionality regardless of the weapon being currently held (as long as they are not dual-wielding their current weapon). When pressed, the player can use a machete to damage/stun an enemy or execute a low health enemy.
  • Fists can also grab barrels by punching them. The player can grab both nukage and burning barrels. When a barrel is picked up, with left click the player can throw the barrel, and with right click the player can place it down harmlessly, which can be used to set up traps. Fists are also stained with blood after use and can be paired with a kick function (with a keybind in controls) to perform extra combos)

- Axe (Slot 1)

  • Primary fire: Swings the axe for large amounts of damage. Holding primary fire will continually swing the axe, at a rate that is slightly faster than the vanilla fist jab.
  • Secondary fire: Throws the axe for a large amount of damage; the player can hold up to 10 axes at a time, and throwing an axe will cause the player to lose it until it is retrieved from the ground.
  • Its official name is simply the Fire Axe. A counter on the hud indicates how many axes the player currently has in their position. This weapon is one of the few that do not have a weapon special.

- Chainsaw (Slot 1)

  • Primary fire: Directly force the chainsaw forward to slice through enemies and drain their blood; when the player is moving, the chainsaw's primary attack will cause it to slice in the direction of their movement, back and forth.
  • Secondary fire: A downwards slash that charges up, and then slices the chainsaw downwards, upwards, and then back to its resting position. It can also be combined with kicks while still firing.
  • Weapon special: Disables the "Resource gather" function of the chainsaw.
  • Its official name is the Mixom Beavertooth Chainsaw. The chainsaw will be able to attack without ammo, similarly to the vanilla counterpart, but has an extra feature known as "Resource Gather," which uses a custom fuel ammo type and will cause all primary attacks the chainsaw delivers to heal the player, even past 100 health. This will quickly consume this fuel ammo, and if it runs out, the chainsaw will still function as normal but will not be able to heal the player. It is toggleable by the player pulling the startup string of the chainsaw.

- Pistol (Slot 2)

  • Primary fire: A partially accurate shot of low tier bullet ammunition.
  • Secondary fire: Aiming down the sights of the pistol for increased accuracy.
  • Weapon special wheel: The player can add a silencer onto the pistol, change the primary fire from semi-automatic to a burst of 3 bullets (and vice versa), or dual wield the pistols, where primary and secondary controls the respective pistol, left and right (this logic also applies to all future dual wieldable weapons).
  • Its official full name is UAC .45 Standard Issue Handgun. This pistol has a significantly faster firing rate than the vanilla pistol and is a starting weapon along with the rifle. It can fire 16 bullets before reloading.

- Shotgun (Slot 3)

  • Primary fire: A traditional pump firing of a single shotgun shell.
  • Secondary fire: Aim down the sights of the shotgun. Primary firing while holding this button will allow the player to pump the shotgun directly without losing aim.
  • Weapon special wheel: Change the ammo type of the shotgun, from buckshot (with spread similar to vanilla's shotgun), to a green slug shot with high accuracy. At this tier, a 3rd shell type is locked.
  • Its official name is the 12-Gauge Pump Shotgun. It can fire 9 shells before reloading.

- Double barrel "super" shotgun (Slot 3)

  • Primary fire: Shoot both barrels of the sawed-off shotgun.
  • Secondary fire: Shoot only one of the barrels, can be combo'ed to shoot both in a row quickly before reloading.
  • Weapon special: Dual wield two SSG's if the player has a secondary one picked up.
  • Its official name is the Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun.

- Rifle (Slot 4)

  • Primary fire: Automatically shoot high tier bullet ammunition
  • Secondary fire: Aim down through a green digital sight in order to increase accuracy slightly.
  • Weapon special: Dual wield two rifles if the player has a secondary one picked up.
  • Its official name is the UAC-30 Designated Marksman Rifle. It is a starting weapon along with the pistol. It can fire 31 bullets before reloading.

- Minigun (Slot 5)

  • Primary fire: Fire a barrage of high tier bullet ammunition from 6 barrels with no reload after a short barrel windup animation.
  • Secondary fire: Pre-wind up the barrel, leading to higher speeds but less accuracy (the barrel windup is immediately stopped after switching firing modes or to a different weapon).
  • Weapon special wheel: Changes the firing speed to and from either "chaingun" mode and "gatling" mode; the chaingun mode acts similarly to vanilla, slower but more conservative of ammo, while the gatling mode is faster and consumes ammo quicker.
  • Its official name is the UAC Mach-3 Minigun.

- Rocket launcher (Slot 6)

  • Primary fire: Fires a single rocket; can fire automatically after a new rocket is automatically loaded, similarly to vanilla.
  • Secondary fire: Loads up to 3 total rockets that will be fired all at once. This has a slight delay to load the additional ammunition into the launcher.
  • Weapon special wheel: Changes the firing mode of the rocket from standard to either guided or lock-on. Guided will create a laser pointer that all rockets will follow, allowing the player to coordinate their flight patterns. Lock-on mode will let the player use the secondary firing button to lock onto a monster; pressing the primary firing button more than once while holding the secondary mode to lock onto the target will load up extra rockets similarly to the basic secondary firing mode.
  • Its official name is the UAC Guided Rocket Launcher. When the firing mode of the rocket changes, the colored light on the side of the rocket will also change, from green in standard mode, to orange in laser mode, and blue in lock-on mode. Loading 2-3 rockets will also create an icon of 2-3 dots on the colored indicator. It can fire 6 rockets before reloading.

- Plasma gun (Slot 7)

  • Primary fire: Fires an automatic stream of circular plasma balls. Letting go of the primary fire key will cause the player to let it temporarily cool down.
  • Secondary fire: Charges up a heat blast that can penetrate through numerous enemies at the cost of 20 ammo when released. Holding this charge and getting in melee range of an enemy will also hurt them, similarly to the chainsaw, albeit with less damage.
  • Weapon special: Dual wields two plasma rifles if the player has a secondary one picked up.
  • Its official name is the UAC-M1 Plasma Rifle. The blue screen on the weapon shows how much ammo is left in it before having to reload. It can fire 60 cells before reloading.

- BFG9000 (Slot 9)

  • Primary fire A: Charges up and fires a large BFG shot; enemies that are within its sphere of influence will be damaged or killed. Furthermore, upon impact it will explode similarly to vanilla, and tracers will also shoot out at all nearby enemies in a cone of the line of sight. This costs 100 plasma.
  • Secondary fire A: Charges up a beam of energy that pierces through enemies and fries them. It takes around 4 seconds to run through 100 plasma cells worth of ammo.
  • Weapon special: Switches from the traditional BFG mode to "Black Hole Launcher" mode, which totally changes both of its firing actions.
  • Primary fire B: Charges up a large black hole that will slowly move through the air; upon impact or pressing the reload key, it will activate and suck all enemies within a radius towards it. Anything that reaches the center will receive high damage very quickly, which can prove fatal to even some of the strongest creatures, as well as the player.
  • Secondary fire B: Shoots a fast moving "gravity" projectile that, upon collision, will draw things near it quickly and deliver damage to them by forcing them to the ground. It costs 30 cells.
  • Its official name is the B.F.G. 9000 MK. V.

Tier 2[edit]

- Revolver (Slot 2)

  • Primary fire: Automatically shoot a low tier bullet (at the cost of two) with high recoil.
  • Secondary fire: Fans the hammer for much faster firing but less accuracy.
  • Weapon special: Dual wield two revolvers if the player has a secondary one picked up.
  • It's official name is the UAC B750 .500 'Hand Cannon' Revolver. It can hold 6 bullets at a time in its chamber, which equates to a total of 12 low tier pistol ammo consumed per reload. It replaces shotgun spawns in tier 2.

- Autoshotgun (Slot 3)

  • Primary fire: Automatically shoots buckshot shells with very little delay, but with less accuracy than the pump shotgun.
  • Secondary fire: Fires a flak cannon-like burst of penetrating, bouncing shot. Consumes two shotgun shells per burst
  • Weapon special: Dual wield two autoshotguns if the player has a secondary one picked up.
  • Its official name is simply the Automatic Shotgun. It can hold 12 shells at a time in its chamber. It reloads by putting shells manually into its chamber, meaning the more empty the gun is, the longer it will take to fully reload. It has a chance to replace shotgun spawns in tier 2.

- Carbine (Slot 4)

  • Primary fire: Fire based on configuration in weapon special.
  • Secondary fire: Aim through a red scope for increased accuracy. Aiming while in semi-auto firing mode uses the secondary scope that functions as a sniper scope with higher zoom, while obscuring the rest of the screen.
  • Weapon special wheel: Switch from default automatic fire to semi-auto or burst fire (which shoots 3 bullets in a row). It also allows players to dual wield two carbines if they have a secondary one picked up.
  • Its official name is the UAC-41 Carbine. It is styled after the main rifle from Doom (film). It shoots faster than the DMR but with more slant to the right and extra spread. It will replace minigun spawns in tier 2.

- Super grenade launcher (Slot 6)

  • Primary fire: Automatically fires grenades that will bounce around 2-5 times before exploding on its own.
  • Secondary fire: Remotely detonates the fired grenade.
  • Weapon special wheel: Circles the grenade types between Impact (default), Sticky, Fire, Ice, and Acid; each of these have their own benefits; fire has lower damage in a large area, ice has high damage (which can freeze enemies) in a small area; acid is a blend of both, as well as leaving a damaging cloud. Sticky will never explode on its own, relying on the player to detonate it remotely.
  • Its official name is the UAC-MGL Automatic Grenade Launcher. It can fire 7 grenades before reloading. Each of the firing modes is a differently colored grenade, and changes the colored icon on the weapon sprite, indicating what type is selected. It will replace rocket launcher spawns in tier 2.

- Heavy plasma rifle (Slot 7)

  • Primary fire: Fires two plasma bolts at once with only a small amount of spread, each with higher damage than the standard plasma gun, though it does use 2 cells for each shot.
  • Secondary fire: Consumes 10 cells and does a quick flamethrower animation, fanning from side to side as it spreads plasma outwards and harms enemies in a close radius.
  • Weapon special: Dual wield two heavy plasma rifles if the player has a secondary one picked up.
  • Its official name is the UAC-M2 Heavy Plasma Rifle. It is styled after the Plasma Gun from Doom 3. It can fire 50 cells before reloading. Its screen on the sprite shows a rotating triangle UAC logo. It will replace the standard plasma gun spawns in tier 2.

- Flamethrower (Slot 8)

  • Primary fire: Fires a continuous blast of that has medium-long range and will coat enemies, consuming fuel ammo.
  • Secondary fire: Shoots a small ball that will land on the floor and burst.
  • Weapon special: Changes the default fire mode to a nukage mode, changing damage type to be acidic, and allows for traps by lighting coated enemies/blobs of nukage (created from the secondary firing mode) on fire, causing them to explode.
  • Its official name is UAC-M3 Flamethrower. It can spend 90 fuel before reloading. It replaces chainsaw spawns in tier 2.

Tier 3[edit]

- SMG (Slot 2)

  • Primary fire: Automatic rapid fire of low tier bullets in an inaccurate pattern.
  • Secondary fire: Look down the iron sights for better accuracy.
  • Weapon special wheel: Allows the player to add a laser sight, replacing the built-in crosshair with a dynamic light that changes based on distance. It also allows the player to dual wield two SMGs if they have a secondary one picked up.
  • Its official name is UAC-17 Compact Submachine Gun. It can fire 51 low tier bullets before reloading. It can be considered an upgrade of sorts to the pistol, offering much of the same functionality with a higher firing rate. It has a chance of replacing minigun spawns in tier 3.

- Pump shotgun upgrade (Slot 3, upgrades Shotgun)

  • Primary fire: Same as the original, with the added function of being able to automatically pump at the hip, cutting short the delay between shots.
  • Secondary fire: Same as the original.
  • Weapon special wheel: Unlocks the 3rd shell type, Dragon's Breath shells. These are similar to buckshot but leave lingering damaging fire on the ground after impact, and also light enemies on fire for their death animations.
  • Its official name is the Magazine Upgrade for the Pump Shotgun. This is the first upgrade in the game, adding extra functionality to a previous weapon rather than replacing it outright. It also increases ammo capacity to 11 instead of 9. It will spawn in place of traditional shotgun spawns in tier 3.

- Quad shotgun (Slot 3, replaces SSG)

  • Primary fire: Shoots a blast of two shells.
  • Secondary fire: Shoots a single shell.
  • Weapon special wheel: Transforms the default 2/1 shell logic into "full blast" mode, where primary will shoot 4 shells and secondary will shoot 2. It also allows to enable "Demonic Breath" mode, which transforms all shells into blasts of demonic fire. Finally, it allows the player to dual wield 2 quad-shotguns if they have a secondary one picked up
  • Its official name is the Quad Shotgun Upgrade for the Super Shotgun. It is implied to be demonic in origin instead of having being made by the UAC. It will replace SSG spawns in tier 3.

- HDMR (Slot 4, upgrades the Rifle)

  • Primary fire: Same as the original, with a much slower firing rate in Heavy Sniper mode.
  • Secondary fire: Aim through the digital scope complemented with a digital ammo counter in DMR mode, and with a high accuracy intense zoom in Heavy Sniper mode, or fire an underbarrel grenade launcher, taking 1 rocket ammo and prompting an immediate reload.
  • Weapon special wheel: Allows the player to change from DMR mode to heavy sniper mode after a short animation, and vice versa. It also allows toggle of an underbarrel grenade launcher which uses the secondary firing key instead of scope usage. Finally, it allows the player to dual wield 2 HDMR's if they have a secondary one picked up.
  • Its official name is the UAC Heavy Designated Marksman Rifle. Its ammo capacity remains the same as the DMR it upgrades. Each single bullet, which has higher damage than its un-upgraded version, costs 2 bullets to reload, meaning reloading a 31 chamber mag costs 62 bullets in total. Meanwhile, a single shot in Heavy Sniper mode immediately consumes 2 bullets to offset its high damage. It has a chance to replace minigun spawns in tier 3.

- Nailgun (Slot 5)

  • Primary fire A: Shoots nails from two separate cannons, which deal extra damage to enemies and pin them to walls.
  • Secondary fire A: Shoots a burst of 20 nails in a giant group with horizontal spread.
  • Weapon special: Transforms the nailgun into a harpoon launcher with slower firing speed but higher damage.
  • Primary fire B: Shoots a harpoon which pierces through enemies (which costs 20 nails)
  • Secondary fire B: Charges up a heated harpoon which deals extra flaming damage to enemies.
  • Its official name is the UAC-240 Perforator Nailgun. It has a max ammo capacity of 120. Switching firing modes via the weapon special will also automatically reload the weapon. It has a change to replace minigun spawns in tier 3.

- Cryo rifle (Slot 8)

  • Primary fire: Shoots one of the following formations based on weapon special:
    • An ice missile that freezes enemies, costs 10 cells.
    • A solid ice beam that freezes enemies it touches after repeated contact, can also rarely create small ice crystals on the floor.
    • An ice spear that functions similarly to the nailgun harpoon and pierces enemies.
    • A barrage of ice flakes that bounce against the ground and can hit numerous enemies and walls before fading away.
  • Secondary fire: Equip a pistol that can be used to shatter frozen enemies.
  • Weapon special: Changes primary firing mode.
  • Its official name is the Tei Tenga Arms Cryo Rifle or the UAC Cryogenic Dispersion Rifle. It has a max ammo capacity of 60. Enemies frozen by this weapon will not unthaw and are considered defeated. Ice missiles and the ice beam can also freeze barrels; detonating frozen barrels will cause a large ice crystal formation. It has a chance to replace plasma rifles spawns in tier 3.

- Railgun (Slot 9)

  • Primary fire: Fires a piercing shot that will heavily damage any enemies in the path of its projectile. Standard rail mode costs 12 shots, while laser mode can charge to a total of 60 cells.
  • Secondary fire: Uses a scope that increases aiming and visibility.
  • Weapon special: Changes from rail mode to laser mode, and vice versa. Rail mode shoots a singular high damage ray which can be held down without reloading, though it has considerable delay before firing again, and always takes the same amount of ammo. The laser mode has a charge-up which allows the player to increase the amount of ammo they spend; more ammo leads to a higher damage output. Pressing weapon special while in scope mode will change the scope to fullbright.
  • Its official name is UAC-MKIII Railgun. It can fire 60 cells worth of shots before reloading. It will replace BFG spawns in tier 3. It should be noted that a fully charged, or "overloaded," cell in laser mode delivers the highest damage output present in the mod, able to take down a cyberdemon in a single hit, despite its large charge time and forced reload.

Tier 4[edit]

- Deagle (Slot 2, replaces Revolver)

  • Primary fire: Automatic shot of low tier bullets with a high damage output and high recoil.
  • Secondary fire: Aim down the iron sights for better aiming and less recoil.
  • Weapon special: Dual wields two deagles if the player has a secondary one picked up.
  • Its official name is UAC-H54 'Martian Raptor' Automag. It can fire 8 bullets before reloading. This weapon sacrifices the hammer fanning of the revolver for aiming down the iron sights; the increased firing speed of the weapon over its counterpart largely makes up for this however. It has a chance to replace tier 4 shotgun spawns.

- Autoshotgun Upgrade (Slot 3, upgrades Autoshotgun)

  • Primary fire: Same as the original.
  • Secondary fire: Same as the original.
  • Weapon special: Same as the original. (Note, dual wielding with the autoshotgun after the upgrade currently makes the barrel visually disappear; it still functions as if it has it, and this will be fixed in a future patch.)
  • Its official name is the Drum Upgrade for the Automatic Shotgun. This weapon increases the ammo capacity of the autoshotgun from 12 to 24 shells, something essential for its quick ammo consumption. It has a chance to replace tier 4 shotgun spawns.

- LMG (Slot 4, replaces the Carbine)

  • Primary fire: Fire its ammunition at a speed roughly between the chaingun and Gatling speeds of the minigun; it also has less spread for its bullets.
  • Secondary fire: Aim through a red sight in order to increase accuracy.
  • Weapon special: Switch from bullets to micro-missiles, which cost 3 bullets yet will create miniature explosions upon impact; the father these missiles fly, the more they will swerve and deviate from their path, something the bullets do not do.
  • Its official name is the UAC-349 Light Machine Gun. It can fire 75 high tier bullets before reloading. It has a chance to replace tier 4 minigun spawns.

- Triple-Barrel Minigun (Slot 5, upgrades Minigun)

  • Primary fire: Same as the original, with the triple rotary mode having triple the firing speed of the gatling mode.
  • Secondary fire: Same as the original, with triple rotary mode having the fastest firing speed of any weapon in the game.
  • Weapon special: Gains the ability to switch to triple rotary mode (nicknamed "Death Dealer" mode), which adds two extra barrels to gatling mode. It will quickly deplete ammo but has a chance to not consume every 3rd bullet.
  • Its official name is simply the Triple Rotary Mode Upgrade. Switching out the triple rotary mode to another weapon will automatically change it to gatling mode without pressing weapon special; it can be assumed this is done for balancing issues by being able to quickly flip back to the high firing speed of the triple rotary firing mode. It also slightly changes the weapon sprite, though it lacks a new respect animation for the upgrade pickup. It has a chance to replace tier 4 minigun spawns.

- M2 Lightning Gun (Slot 7, upgrades the M2 Heavy Plasma Rifle)

  • Primary fire: Same as the original, or a constant beam of lightning that will fry and pierce through enemies.
  • Secondary fire: Same as the original, or a quick ball of lighting that will stun any enemies in its radius. This costs 25 cells.
  • Weapon special: Switch from normal firing to lightning mode, which adds extra prongs to the muzzle with flashing electricity. This will change the primary and secondary firing modes.
  • Its official name is UAC-M2 Heavy Plasma Rifle Lighting Module. Notably, dual wielding is lost in this upgrade, and a new respect animation is missing. This is to be patched in a future update.

- Flamethrower Backpack (Slot 8, upgrades the Flamethrower)

  • Primary fire: Same as the original
  • Secondary fire: Same as the original
  • Weapon special: Same as the original
  • Its official name is the UAC-M3 Flamethrower Backpack Upgrade. This upgrade gives the flamethrower a backpack which it automatically connects to, taking away all need for reloading as the overall fuel amount is automatically funneled into the gun.

- The Unmaker (Slot 10)

  • Primary fire A: Fires a red and black demonic laser consuming Demon Energy which will "unmake" enemies in its wake and deal heavy damage.
  • Secondary fire A: Fires a demonic orb that costs 4 Demon Energy. The longer the button is held, the faster the orbs will fire.
  • Weapon special: Using the Unmaker will grant the player SOULS from demons, which has its own ammo bar. When the SOULS ammo bar is full, the weapon special can be activated, letting players use an "overcharge" mode of the weapon for a limited time with special firing modes.
  • Primary fire B: Fires a golden demonic laser with much more recoil and power, forming crystals in its path that will detonate after a short while for extra damage to anything in its radius.
  • Secondary fire B: Fires a golden skull that costs 100 Demon Energy and will release numerous spirits that possess enemies nearby, turning them into allies that fight for the player for a limited time.
  • Its official name is simply the Unmaker, with a caption naming it the "Penultimate Wrath of Hell Itself." It currently lacks a smooth respect animation. The demon energy used for its ammo is gathered from red collectables that are picked up from enemies upon their death.

Secret weapons[edit]

- MP40 (Slot 2)

  • Primary fire: Shoots low tier bullets at a speed slightly below the MP40.
  • Secondary fire: Aims through the iron sights, increasing accuracy.
  • Weapon special: Dual wields two MP40s if the player has a secondary one picked up.
  • Its official name is the Maschinenpistole 40. It is only dropped from Nazi enemies, which replace classic Wolfenstein SS monsters. It can be seen as an equivalent of the SMG with less functionality, but with WWII theming. It can fire 32 bullets before reloading.

- MG42 (Slot 5)

  • Primary fire: Shoots high powered bullets at an immense speed, increasing the HEAT level of the weapon; when this level reaches its limit, the weapon stops firing. Manually pausing firing will cause the meter to decrease. A total of 100 shots can be fired in a row without interruption before the HEAT level reaches its limit and firing stops.
  • Secondary fire: Aims down the iron sights for increased accuracy but increased recoil.
  • Weapon special: Swaps out a part of the gun only while the HEAT level has reached its limit and the gun has lost functionality. Otherwise, this button is functionless.
  • Its official name is the Maschinengewehr 42. Unlike the easter egg MP40, this weapon is the most powerful out of all weapons sharing its slot, even surpassing a fully charged triple minigun. It can rarely replace a BFG spawn in a map detected to have a Nazi in it.

- Hell rifle (Slot 10)

  • Primary fire: Fires a blast of demon energy, either inferno or caustic. It is around the level of the standard plasma rifle but with exotic projectiles.
  • Secondary fire A: Fires a ghoul, costing 20 demon energy, which will seek a singular enemy out and possess it, turning it into a temporary ally of the player.
  • Weapon special: Switches the default "inferno" mode to "caustic" mode, which is acidic themed and is a different damage type, through the damage amount itself is roughly the same. It also changes the secondary fire.
  • Secondary fire B: Fires a green electric bolt costing 4 demon energy that has a higher damage amount and will shrink an enemy with low health into a smaller version of itself, not killing the enemy but rendering it effectively harmless before it reaches 0 health.
  • Its official name is the Demon Tech Rifle. It has a max ammo capacity of 60. It uses Demon Energy, like the Unmaker. It is dropped exclusively by Demon Tech troopers, which spawn in the final tiers of the game, making this effectively a tier 4 weapon, though it does not replace any normal weapon spawns.


Similarly to weapons, equipment has its own selection wheel and keybinds to use. The first 4 listed can be acquired through backpacks, and the first 3 can be dropped by zombies rarely.

  • Frag grenade - Can simply be thrown overhand, where it will explode after a short time, damaging all enemies nearby with enough damage to kill small fodder in the immediate vicinity. The player starts with 2. The default amount that can be carried is 6, which is increased to 12 with a backpack. Hitting throw twice in a row while it is being thrown will cause the grenade to be rolled on the ground versus thrown.
  • Stun grenade - Thrown a smaller distance than the frag grenade, stunning all enemies nearby similarly to the M2 Lightning Gun's secondary fire. The default amount that can be carried is 6, which is increased to 12 with a backpack.
  • Land mine - Tossed on the ground where it will stay beeping until an enemy walks nearby, where it will quickly explode in a highly damaging explosion which can also instantly kill the player if they are near the detonation. The default amount that can be carried is 6, which is increased to 12 with a backpack. It can be deactivated and retrieved by the player on interaction.
  • Quick launcher - A revenant launcher that fires demonic rockets when used before being put away again. It shoots a total of 8, 4 from each side of the player. They travel directly forward for quick small explosive damage which can stun or kill enemies when fired in bulk. The default amount that can be carried is 15, which is increased to 30 with a backpack. The player starts with 4 (even if they have not encountered any revenants), and more can be killed by gibbing standard revenants.
  • Demonic Leech - Secret equipment which can rarely drop from Demon Tech Troopers (who also wield the Demon Tech Rifle). When equipped, it (appearing to be a baby cacodemon) will attach to the player's hand and siphon health out of an enemy and directly into the player, costing 100 Demon Energy, but healing the player beyond 100 health. When picked up, a message appears that says "What the fuck is this thing..?".

Enemy arsenal[edit]

Project Brutality also introduces "variant" types of each monster. These tend to sport increased strength and toughness over the original monster, as well as new abilities and powers. They can spawn with varying frequency, depending on the chosen spawn setting.

Former human variants[edit]

The zombie soldiers now utilize more varied tactics (e.g. throwing grenades, evasive rolls, crouch-fire). Their new variants are the most numerous, and come with widely different armaments:

Zombieman variants:

  • Axe Zombie (which may drop stimpacks on death) | Tier 1
  • Chainsaw Zombie (which may drop stimpacks on death) | Tier 1
  • Pistol Zombieman | Tier 1
  • Helmet variants for Pistol and Rifle Zombiemen (attack with more aggression) | Tier 1-2
  • Plasma Rifle Commando | Tier 3-4
  • Carbine Zombieman | Tier 2

Sergeant variants:

  • Riot shield Sergeant | Tier 2
  • Rocket Sergeant (transforms into a suicide bomber when its rocket launcher is lost through damaging him) | Tier 3
  • Helmet Sergeant (attacks with more aggression) | Tier 1-2
  • Quad Shotgun Cultist | Tier 3
  • Auto Shotgun Sergeant | Tier 2

Commando variants:

  • Major (equipped with Nailgun) | Tier 3
  • Z-Spec Ops | Tier 3
  • Helmet Commando (attacks with more aggression) | Tier 1-2

All Wolfenstein SS are replaced with a custom Nazi enemy.

Imp variants[edit]

Some imp variants now have the ability to climb on walls. Basic tier 1 imps can also have one of two appearances, one being skinnier and one being bulkier.

  • Savage Imp: A gray, eyeless imp with a large mouth that throws green acid balls and is faster than a basic imp, with more aggressive pouncing, though it cannot climb on walls.
  • Dark Imp: There are several types of dark imp. They can be identified due to the shape of their body and eye color:
  1. Nami Dark imp: It has the shape of the basic imp with yellow eyes and shoots plasma balls that can steer slightly to its target.
  2. ST Dark imp: It is modeled off one of the variants of the classic imp, having red eyes It shoots weaker plasma balls, which are much faster and do not chase their target.
  3. Void Dark imp: It has dark orange eyes and a slightly more intimidating appearance. It is slower than the other variants but more resistant, shooting plasma balls that do moderate damage with no tracking.
  4. Nether Dark imp: It has the same appearance as the previous variant, but with green eyes. It is very resistant and has two different attacks; the first one takes approximately one second to charge and throw an acid ball that inflicts very low to high damage. The second attack takes just as long as the first but instead throws balls of electricity and plasma that travel at moderate speed and inflict up to 50 HP worth of damage.

Lost soul variants[edit]

  • Phantasm: Has the same model with the lost soul but with green flames. Extremely relentless. Explodes on death, making it more dangerous in close combat. Created by Suffering Elementals.

Revenant variants[edit]

All revenants now have the ability to float for a short period of time.

  • Beam Revenant: This Revenant is armed with a beam cannon, firing with deadly precision. The beam attack is weaker, but faster than homing missiles, and consequently it is especially difficult to dodge at longer ranges.
  • Draugr Revenant: is a hellish version of the classic Revenant, has a much greater resistance and considerably greater damage, is armed with two guns on the shoulders that fire projectiles traveling at high speed.

Demon variants[edit]

Like a couple other monsters, in Project Brutality the Pinky Demon has a special 'agonized' state: sometimes after losing an arm (caused by depleting their health), a Pinky may become berserk and resume hostilities with increased celerity, but will inevitably expire from blood loss on its own. According to the lorebook, basic Pinky Demons are female.

  • Blood Demon: Has large horns and is dark-reddish in color. Way more aggressive, it runs and bites much faster. Also has slightly more HP than the original Pinky.
  • Mech Demon: More similar to the original but with cybernetic legs and a spiked armor plate along the spine. Has higher HP than its brethren.
  • Void Spectre: This spectre variant, while not the hardiest or most damaging, is very fast and can easily confuse the target by running from one side to another. It has dark gray, almost black skin, and a large red eye similar to that of a cyclops. It is a bit more resistant than a classic Pinky but is considerably faster. Unlike the other variants, it can create hallucinations to confuse its opponent. It is recommended to keep it at bay.

Cacodemon variants[edit]

The Project Brutality version of the cacodemon is able to evade slower projectiles, making it trickier to deal with.

  • Inferno Cacodemon: A magma-like version of the cacodemon. It shoots a fireball rather than a lightning ball. The fireball is slower, but bigger and thus harder to evade in tight quarters. Rarely, an Inferno Cacodemon will summon Watchers (small critters that resemble fledgling cacodemons and fire fast, purple energy pulses). Watchers can also spawn on occasion after their "parent's" death (much like how a pain elemental leaves some lost souls in the wake of its demise).
  • Afrit: Another floating, fire-elemental demon, that has a body similar to the upper part of a baron of Hell. It has two types of attacks: One is a fast fireball projectile and one is a concentrated fireball that deals more damage. Originates from Scythe 2.

Pain elemental variants[edit]

  • Suffering Elemental: Has the same body as a pain elemental, but with green eyes and a green mouth. Summons Phantasms instead of Lost Souls.
  • Trite Elemental: A roughly white-skinned version of the pain elemental, with a characteristic, sewn-together mouth. Summons Trites (small, spider-like monsters that can swarm you easily if left unchecked).
  • Overlord: A very powerful demon that can kill the player quickly if not dealt with carefully. Resembles a black cacodemon, but unlike them an Overlord has six arms, and more attacks. First, its melee attack is extremely damaging. Secondly, it is able to teleport around to both avoid engaging the player, or to approach them up close quickly. Thirdly, it will fire a barrage of energy balls. Fourth, it can summon a powerful homing orb that deals a large amount of damage (but which can be destroyed by shooting it). Finally, the Overlord can create a demonic shockwave that summons red lightning that seemingly moves in random directions but is still able to track the player. This lightning attack deals massive damage - possibly the most out of all monster attacks - and can kill even a well-prepared player in an instant.

Mancubus variants[edit]

  • Daedabus: A green-skinned mancubus that fires toxic projectiles. Can inflict poison-like afterdamage upon the player. Has only one eye like the Doom (2016) mancubus.
  • Volcabus: A dark-skinned version of the mancubus. Hardier than his brothers and armed with demonic launchers that cast hellish, skull-looking fireballs that travel at a very high speed and inflict great damage, this variant has a melee attack which is a jump that inflicts very serious damage.

Arachnotron variants[edit]

  • Inferno Arachnotron: An arachnotron that shoots Inferno bolts. These strike both faster and harder than ordinary plasma projectiles, turning this arachnotron variant into a competent sniper.
  • Arachnophyte: An arachnotron similar in appearance to a black spider mastermind on an aircraft equipped with two heavy machine guns.
  • Elite Arachnotron 'Arachnoknight': The most powerful version. Has higher HP and shoots even more damaging barrages of purple dark matter plasma.
  • Aracnorb: A smaller flying arachnotron with no mechanical legs. Has green eyes, and fires green projectiles. Can also melee attack with biting if an enemy comes close. Only appears on the Epic 2 WAD. Sprites and the general concept appears to be based off Octobrains featured in Duke Nukem 3D. Can also dodge projectiles similarly to the cacodemon.

Hell knight variants[edit]

The standard Hell knights perform a triple plasma ball volley attack and can now perform a charge attack: running and jumping at you while doing a hammer punch, for great damage. Moreover, sometimes they can - after losing an arm - enter a last stand stance and continue to hurl plasma balls at you.

  • Cyber Hell Knight: Cyborg version of the Hell knight. More durable and equipped with a chaingun, freezegun and missile launcher. If the player is lucky in making a fatality, the Cyber Knight can be reprogrammed to fight on the player's side for the rest of the level.
  • Cyber Paladin: Armed with a shield that can deflect a lot of firepower. Also armed with a grenade launcher and fireball gun (installed into its shield). Its face resembles that of a lion, making it contrast against the unlike other Hell knight and baron of Hell variants.

Baron of Hell variants[edit]

Project Brutality Barons of Hell - much like their underling Hell Knights - received an enhanced, alternate version of the plasma ball attack: a Baron will on chance fire a quintuple volley, with a wide spread.

  • Cyber Baron: Just like the Hell knight, the baron of Hell also has its own cyborg version. The Cyber Baron's arsenal includes a flamethrower and a rocket launcher, but unlike the Cyborg Hell Knight it retains the ability to throw its plasma balls. The Cyber Baron's appearance is almost similar to that of a cyberdemon with one mechanical leg and one rocket launcher attached to its arm.
  • Belphegor: This demon has 4 reptilian legs and is brown in color, appearing like a centaur version of Hell Knight. A Belphegor is very fast, strong and able to launch more powerful energy balls with huge splash damage. Extremely deadly in tight quarters.
  • Infernus: A fire-elemental demon similar to an orange Baron of Hell with black legs and hooves on fire. An Infernus has several attacks: His first attack is a ball of infernal fire that can set fire to a target. His second attack is similar, but is a bigger ball that takes a little more time. The third and last attack is to hit the ground which takes half a second and summons a wave of giant, orange fiery spikes that inflict around 80-100 HP worth of damage, with this attack also having a very long range where everything in its path is left in damaging flames. The damage inflicted by this attack is some of the highest in the game and is almost impossible to evade in confined spaces. Extreme caution is recommended.

Arch-vile variants[edit]

In Project Brutality, regular arch-viles have an expanded skillset. In addition to their fire blast and resurrection spells, they can spawn imps or afrits, heal nearby demons, and have more attacks.

  • Ice-Vile: Ice-elemental variant of arch-vile, tougher and faster than their relatives. Instead of sight-based fire blasts, the Ice-Vile casts homing cryo-projectiles that deal a big amount of splash damage. Uniquely, it can also summon Ice imps, which are way more powerful and resistant compared to ordinary imps. In addition, both Ice-Viles and Ice imps will enter a hibernation-like state if they sustain fatal damage, and will recover with partially restored health if not finished off quickly.
  • Flesh Wizard: An ominous apparition that remains invisible except when attacking. Flesh Wizards move at incredible speeds, trying to disorient and exhaust you before suddenly stopping and launching a powerful blood-red projectile. It is also surprisingly resilient for its relatively small frame. Extreme caution is advised.
  • Hellion: An infernal fire elemental arch-vile with a strongly orange appearance and a long tail. Hellions have several attacks: the first one is an infernal fireball that deals heavy damage and travels at high speed. The second attack is very similar to the common attack of the Arch Vile, but inflicts considerably more damage. Its last attack usually serves to disorient prey by traveling at high speed and setting fire to its path.

Spider mastermind variants[edit]

  • Demolisher: Upgraded version of Spider Mastermind. Armed with twin gatling cannons that shoot explosive rounds. But most dangerously, it also can fire BFG 9000 blasts.
  • Juggernaut: A gray mancubus (formerly the appearance of the Daedabus before PB 2.0) mounted on a platform on tank treads. Armed with two massive miniguns taking the place of the twin cannons and dual rocket pods on the sides of the chassis. Can crush players by running them over. Extremely durable and also fast for its size, the Juggernaut necessitates an enormous amount of punishment to be brought down.
  • Super Mastermind: It is a version equal to the classic spider mastermind, only that it is much bigger and considerably more resistant, and it only appears as a boss in the remastered version of the final level of Doom 1.

Cyberdemon variants[edit]

  • Annihilator: A cyberdemon with two mechanical legs and two rocket launchers for hands. The Annihilator can fire twice as fast as a regular cyberdemon, making him even more dangerous and arguably the most dangerous foe in Project Brutality.
  • Cyberdemon Lord of Deimos: This version is very similar to the classic version with the difference of being much bigger and more resistant. Just as the classic cyberdemon it has the ability to crush an approaching target. It only appears as a boss in the new remastered final level of the Tower of Babel.

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