Project Brutality


Project Brutality
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Author pa1nki113r and others
Port GZDoom
IWAD Doom, Doom II
Year 2015

Project Brutality is a gameplay mod for the GZDoom source port. It is a fork of Brutal Doom version v20b that greatly expands upon it. There is currently no official stable version; it is actively developed at GitHub,[1] and users are instructed to obtain it there.[2]

Project Brutality is a popular mod. As of December 2021, it has received the second most votes in an informal ZDoom forum poll about favorite mods.[3] However, this mod can cause lag problems due to the way its elaborate gore effects are implemented.[4]


General changes[edit]

  • Dynamic spawn system, affecting what monsters, weapons and items you will encounter. The exact active actors can be switched in the mod's options. By default, the spawn progression follows Doom 2's "episodes", and accordingly, it is divided into four "Tiers":

- Tier I: levels 01-06

- Tier II: levels 07-11

- Tier III: levels 12-20

- Tier IV: levels 21-30 (and secret ones)

  • Expanded weapon arsenal, featuring over twice as many weapons than in Brutal Doom (v20), and some of them inspired by Quake and Duke Nukem games. Most of the weapons include tertiary functions (also called "Weapon Specials"). Few, selected weapons have "weapon upgrades" tied to them, which are their improved versions that replace the old weapons (but can be obtained without the base weapon in possession) and can be found only on Tier IV.
  • Expanded monster roster, with most of the monster types having at least three other "variants" - alternate versions, of increasing threat level and various abilites.
  • Extra power-up types and inventory items.
  • Additional player abilities, e.g.: a "dash" dodging maneuver (performed by tapping twice a movement key), double jump, sliding, or taking meatshields (by punching a fatally wounded Zombieman/Sergeant/Imp while berserk).
  • Larger variety of Doomguy's voice commands: taunts, as well as one-liners (which can also happen automatically, if the player slays many monsters within a short period in a particularly brutal fashion) and weapon acquisiton quotes.
  • New death animations and fatalities, complementing introduced monster variants.

Weapon changes[edit]

There are three game modes, and each has their own general weapon loadout changes:

  • Project Brutality: Weapons are as described in the below subsections. Player starts with the UAC Pistol and UAC-30 DMR by default. All specialized features of this modification are in effect, including Weapon Specials and the weapon upgrades.
  • Classic v20 Mode: Weapon loadouts and drops conform to Brutal Doom's standard. All features not in vanilla Brutal Doom are disabled. REMOVED IN VERSION 3.0
  • Traditional: "Vanilla" Doom experience, all loadouts and drops same as in original games, with all custom changes removed. All weapons have new models, unlike Brutal Doom, which kept the original ones from 1993/1994.

Weapons overview[edit]

Fists (Slot 1)[edit]

Now support combo system: alternate primary and secondary attacks to execute combos that finish in highly damaging haymaker. Regarding unarmed combat, it is also worth noting that the player always has access to a Machete. This special melee weapon can be used at any time via its dedicated quick-key (as long as they are not dual-wielding their current weapon), and like Fists and kicks Machete is affected by Berserk's damage boost.

Unlike Brutal Doom, when a Berserk Pack/Demon Strength Rune is acquired, then the player's fists will have veins visible.

You can grab barrels, by punching them. You can grab both nukage and burning barrels. When a barrel is picked up, with left click you can throw the barrel, but with right click you can place it down harmlessly, which can be used to set up traps, even if that is unpractical. An inconsistency: when grabbing a bloody barrel the blood will be gone when the barrel is picked up.

You can also grab small enemies (Zombieman, Shotgunguy and Imp) if they're in 'dying' state by punching them (lost arm, hit in the face, guts spilling and lost leg). Oddly enough, when picking up an enemy and using it as a meatshield, they will appear perfectly fine even though they just were screaming at their lost leg. With left click you can throw the enemy, with right click you can magically make the meathshield's head explode. Meatshield's head can also explode when it takes too much damage. After the head is gone, the meatshield is dropped as it is considered useless.

Also, unlike Brutal Doom, in version 3.0, fists can be stained with blood. It comes in all three colors! Normal red, Cacodemon blue, and Hell Knight/Baron of Hell green! This feature may have been inspired by Shadow Warrior, a game where your fists can also be stained in blood. But there's a bug, that when switching to Rip And Tear Mode! from Smash Mode when your hands are bloody the blood will be gone for the duration of the switching/knuckle cracking animation.

Primary: Left Jab

Secondary: Right Hook

Weapon Special: When the Berserk Pack/Demon Strength Rune effect is on the player, this button toggles between the classic "Smash mode" (smash enemies into gibs) and "Rip and Tear Mode" (enables Brutal Doom fatalities) There are new fatality animations for the new enemy variants, and some additional animations for the vanilla monsters.

Weapon entity name: 'Melee_Attacks' -- The same name as in Brutal Doom.

Axe (Slot 1)[edit]

(In 3.0)

Primary: Swing axe for large amounts of damage. Holding fire will continually swing axe, at a rate that is slightly faster than the vanilla fists swing.

Secondary: Throw axe. Deals massive damage and will one-hit cacodemons, but only one can be carried and it is lost until picked back up. Weapon entity name: “BrutalAxe”

Chainsaw (Slot 1)[edit]

Primary: Attack similar to Brutal Doom v20b chainsaw, with a rare secondary attack animation during attacks. In 3.0 the chainsaw's animation depends on the direction the player is moving. (Standing still: hold forward, similar to the vanilla chainsaw. Moving forward: Slashing attack from top-right to bottom-left. Strafing left: Side-to-side attack similar to Brutal Doom's chainsaw. Strafing right: Ditto, but held at a different angle. Backwards: Chainsaw is thrusted forwards than pulled back.)

Secondary: The chainsaw is used as slashing melee weapon, and can be combined with the kick attack for combos

Weapon Special: This command allows the player to quickly fire off a shot with the Sawed Off Shotgun (if in the player's possession) while the Chainsaw is equipped as a backup/auxiliary attack. Worth noting, that in version 3.0, the super shotgun isn't affected by the super shotgun quad barrel upgrade. Most likely a temporary inconsistency, since version 3.0 is still a beta.

Weapon entity name: 'Chainsaw'

UAC .45 Standard Issue Handgun (Slot 2)[edit]

15(16 in version 3.0)round pistol. A backup sidearm and a starting weapon along with UAC-30 DMR. Thanks to greatly increased rate of fire (allowing for actual semi-automatic fire) and the dual-wielding option it can be significantly more effective than the classic Pistol.

Primary: Fire

Secondary: (2.03)Equips/de-equips a silencer. Silenced shots do less damage but do not alert enemies in the vicinity. Good for silent kills when stealth is preferred.(3.0) Ironsight.

Weapon Special:(2.03) Allows the player to dual-wield Pistols if they have two in their possession. (3.0) Brings up weapon wheel. From the weapon wheel the player can attach/detach the silencer, toggle dual-wielding, and switch between semi-auto fire and a 3 round burst.

Weapon entity name: 'BDPistol' -- still the same entity name as the Brutal Doom pistol.

UAC .500 Magnum/UAC .50 Hand Cannon (Slot 2)[edit]

Renamed to UAC .500 Magnum in version 3.0

Tier II weapon. A powerful revolver. In version 2.03 each shot consumes 2 units of pistol-type ammo (actually consumed only during reload). But in version 3.0 this has been corrected, and now the weapon correctly displays ammo count.

Primary: Fire

Secondary: Western (as in cowboy-western) trigger "fanning", which makes for faster shots but lowers accuracy

Weapon Special: Allows the player to dual-wield Revolvers, if they have two in their possession

Weapon Upgrade in version 3.0: Replaces the revolver with a Desert Eagle, called UAC .50 Hand Cannon, has 11+1 ammo in the mag, can be dual wielded, but has a bug when dual wielded that the ammo counter doesn't count the ammo from the left gun. Western trigger "fanning" is replaced with ironsights.

Weapon entity name: 'Revolver', or upgrade 'Deagle'

UAC-Compact SMG (Slot 2)[edit]

Tier III weapon. Rapid-fire submachinegun.

Primary: Hip fire, less accurate than when fired while aiming down sights

Secondary: Use iron sights

Weapon Special: Activates/deactivates laser sight add-on that increases accuracy and reduces spread, but can alert enemies to your presence. In version 3.0 this is removed, and replaced with dual wielding if you have a second SMG.

Weapon entity name: 'CompactSMG'

12-Gauge Pump Shotgun (Slot 3)[edit]

Pump action shotgun. Can use two - or three, with the upgrade - different ammo types (which all consume Shell ammo supply).

Primary: Hip-fire

Secondary: Iron sights aim, faster shooting

Weapon Special: Switch shells for different effects:

  • Buckshot: Standard shotgun behaviour.
  • Slug: Sniper-like accuracy, slightly less powerful than a full buckshot hit.
  • Dragon's Breath: Incendiary pellets that can light targets on fire and leave temporary fires on the ground. Extreme damage, will bypass personal shields, entities that pass through fire on the ground take damage - including the player, which tends to make for slow progress.

Weapon Upgrade in version 2.03: ability to use Dragon's Breath shells.

Weapon Upgrade in version 3: adds a magazine, increasing shell count from 8+1 to 11 and greatly speeding up reload and also have access to the dragon's breath shells. Takes the place of the Dragon's Breath upgrade which no longer spawns in version 3, but it still works if obtained through the console.

Weapon entity name: 'Shot_Gun' or 'Shotgun', mag upgrade 'PumpShotgunUpgrade', fire upgrade 'DragonBreathUpgrade'

Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun/Quad Barrel Shotgun (Slot 3)[edit]

The new version of Super Shotgun.

Primary: Fire both barrels.

Secondary: Fire a single barrel.

Weapon Special: Dual-wield shotguns, if two are owned.

Weapon Upgrade: Adds two more barrels to the shotgun, turning it into a quad-barrel killing machine capable of massive damage. (Note: seems to not spawn spontaneously in version 3)

Quad Shotgun Special: Switch between half-blast and full-blast,dual-wielding shotguns if two are owned,demonic breathe which shots incendiary pellets

Quad Shotgun Primary: fire all four barrels on full-blast (extreme damage, will one-hit a Baron of Hell if all pellets hit), two barrels on half-blast

Quad Shotgun Secondary: fire two barrels on full-blast, one barrel on half-blast

Weapon entity name: 'SSG' or 'SuperShotgun', upgrade 'Quad_SSG'

Automatic Shotgun (Slot 3)[edit]

Tier III weapon. A fully automatic shotgun. Starts out with a 12-shell tube magazine that requires manual reload.

Primary: Automatic fire. Less accurate in comparison to the Pump Shotgun

Secondary: Flak cannon-like burst of penetrating, bouncing shot. Consumes two shotgun Shells per burst

Weapon Special: Dual-wield if two autoshotguns are in player possession

Weapon Upgrade: Upgrades the weapon with drum magazines, allowing faster reloads and increasing the max shell count from 12 to 16 (24 in version 3.0)

Weapon entity name: 'AutoShotgun', upgrade 'AutoShotgunUpgrade'

UAC-30 Designated Marksman Rifle (Slot 4)[edit]

The starting weapon. Accurate and with moderate damage per shot.

Primary: Automatic fire

Secondary: Use scope while firing, greater accuracy

Weapon Special: Dual-wield if two assault rifles are in player's possession

Weapon Upgrade: ONLY IN VERSION 3.0 switch the weapon into a heavy DMR with higher power

Weapon Upgrade Special: Switch between DMR and Heavy Sniper mode, change the secondary between underbarrel grenade launcher and aiming, dual-wield if two rifles are in player's possession

Weapon Upgrade primary: Automatic fire

Weapon Upgrade Secondary: Use scope or the underbarrel grenade launcher

Weapon entity name: 'Rifle', upgrade 'RifleUpgrade'

UAC-41 Carbine/UAC-349 Light Machine Gun (Slot 4)[edit]

Tier II weapon. A faster-firing alternative to UAC-30.

Primary: Fire

Secondary: Use scope, greater accuracy

Weapon Special: Cycle between semi-auto, three burst shot, or full-automatic modes (also can be changed to allow dual-wielding Carbines; LMG replaces any of these with toggleable laser sight in version 2.03). In version 3.0, if the weapon is upgraded to Light Machine Gun, then instead you can switch from "drum magazine", which has 60+1 max ammo in the drum, or "ammo belt", which disables reloading, but also disables usage of ironsights, and decreases accuracy. In 3.0 the weapon special brings up a wheel, which allows the switching between any of the aforementioned fire modes, as well as dual wielding. As of 2022, the LMG now also has a Micro-Missile special, which replaces the ammo belt mode in the original. The micro-missiles spend three bullets per shot but each shot is very deadly and can kill a group of lesser tier enemies in seconds.

Weapon Upgrade: Replaces the weapon with a UAC-349 Light Machine Gun, or LMG.

Weapon entity name: 'Carbine' 'PB_LMG' for the LMG.

Also in version 3.0 the sprite is replaced with a improved one, which is inspired by the 2005 Doom movie.

UAC-Mach-3 Minigun (Slot 4)[edit]

Sextuple-barreled rotary machine gun.

Primary: Fire

Secondary: Prespins barrels. Lowers accuracy

Weapon Special: Toggles between Standard/Triple mode Upgrade only In version 3.0, brings up a wheel to choose between Gatling (standard minigun mode) and chaingun (more like the vanilla chaingun) modes, as well as the triple mode when owned. When switching to a new weapon while the triple mode is active, it will automatically turn off, probably for balance reasons.

Weapon Upgrade: Allows usage of the Weapon Special.

Weapon entity name: 'Chaingun' or 'Mini_gun', upgrade 'MinigunUpgrade'

UAC-Mach-2 Minigun (Classic v20 Mode Only)[edit]


Primary: Fire

Secondary: Prespins barrels. Lowers accuracy

Weapon Special: None

UAC-HMG Auto-Cannon (Slot 4)[edit]


Tier III weapon. Heavy-duty machine gun. Slower than Minigun and generates lots of recoil, but is significantly more powerful per shot.

Primary: Fire

Secondary: Toggles between 100-round magazine or belt feed mode. Latter can cause overheating if sustained fire is too intense, though reloading is eliminated

Weapon Special: Toggle ammo mode

  • Anti-Personnel: Standard ammo. Has higher rate of fire than FMJ
  • Full Metal Jacket: Armor-penetrating rounds, goes through shields and thin walls

UAC-240 Perforator Nailgun (Slot 4)[edit]

3.0 ONLY

Replaces the HMG in 3.0. Has a 120-round magazine. Can toggle between nailgun and harpoon gun modes.

Primary: Fire.

Secondary: Unleashes a shotgun-like blast of 20 nails (nailgun mode) or heats-up the harpoon for extra damage and fire (harpoon mode).

Weapon Special: Toggle between nailgun and harpoon gun modes

  • Nailgun: Fast fire rate of projectiles, similar to the nailgun in Quake. Can pin corpses to walls.
  • Harpoon gun: Slow rate of fire, but with larger projectile. Uses 20 ammo per shot. Able to pierce enemies.

Rocket Launcher (Slot 5)[edit]

Not much different compared to the classic Rocket Launcher, albeit now comes with the extra multi-shot and laser guidance capabilities (which can be combined). In 3.0 it also allows for a lock-on mode. Six rockets per magazine.

Primary: Fire, or mark target for lock-on.

Secondary: Charge Shot: hold to fire up to 3 rockets at once. When used on lock-on mode, allows targets to be marked. Pressing primary fire while holding secondary fire will mark a target.

Weapon Special: Toggle between standard and Half-Life-like laser-guided missile modes. In 3.0 it brings up a wheel that allows the choosing between standard, laser-guided, and lock-on modes.

Weapon entity name: 'RocketLauncher' or 'Rocket_Launcher'

Heavy Grenade Launcher (Slot 5)[edit]


Tier II weapon. "Thumper"-style break-open grenade launcher, akin to Skulltag's Grenade Launcher. More powerful per shot than Super Grenade Launcher.

Primary: Fire contact-fuse grenade

Secondary: Fire bouncing, timed-fuse grenade

Weapon Special: Switch between High Explosive (large splash effect) and Fragmentation (with extra bouncing-nails effect) payloads

Excavator (Slot 5)[edit]

3.0 ONLY Slow-ish firing weapon with high damage. Has a 5-round magazine, with 2 rockets being consumed per round, similar to the revolver/deagle. Can choose between drill-charge (burrows into the ground and then pops out and explodes when detonated) and drop charge (flies straight, then drops down to the ground and explodes when detonated).

Primary: Fire the weapon

Secondary: Detonates any active rockets.

Weapon Special: Chooses between Drop and Drill charge modes.

Special/Super Grenade Launcher (Slot 5)[edit]

Tier III weapon. 6-round (6+1 in 3.0), revolver-style automatic grenade launcher. Enables to fire a plethora of specialized grenade types. Uses different ammo type and has lower range than Heavy Grenade Launcher.

Primary: Fire currently selected grenade type

Secondary: Detonate any live grenades you have fired (especially useful with sticky grenades)

Weapon Special: Cycle grenade types:

  • Impact: high-explosives of moderate splash effect
  • Sticky: these grenades do not explode on impact, only adhering to the encountered surface. They either explode after a moment or via SGL's remote detonator function. Can be stuck to enemies.
  • Incendiary: bombard your foes with napalm
  • Cryo: the freezing type (safe for the user)
  • Acid: bouncing once, these canisters are full of caustic agent that is released in gaseous from. Very powerful and exceedingly painful, but also highly unsafe to use - be sure your aim is true

In version 3.0, holding the weapon special key will show a wheel, for much faster and more efficient changing of grenade types.

Weapon entity name: 'Super_Grenade_Launcher'

M1 Plasma Rifle (Slot 6)[edit]

Sometimes designated "M1" to differentiate it from M2 Plasma Rifle. Less powerful per shot, but has faster rate of fire and faster bolts. Retains the cooldown animation at the end of each volley, that was characteristic of the original Doom's Plasma Rifle. Like all Slot 6 and 7 weapons, M1 Plasma Rifle stores 50 Cell ammo units worth of charge in its capacitor.

Primary: Fire hot plasma to melt your enemies

Secondary: Charge up a plasma shotgun blast. Consumes 12 Cell ammo units. Cancel the charge by pressing reload (the charge can also be withheld for indefinite time without consuming additional ammo)

Weapon Special: Dual-wield if two M1 Plasma Rifles are in player's possession

Weapon Upgrade in version 3.0: Turns it into a Dark Matter Pulse Cannon. Fires more powerful projectiles that will vanish enemies; secondary fire shoots a slow-moving orb that deals heavy damage, passes through enemies and itself shoots rays of unmaking energy at nearby enemies.

Weapon entity name: 'PlasmaRifle', upgrade name 'PulseCannon'

M2 Heavy Plasma Rifle (Slot 6)[edit]

Tier II weapon. More rare version of plasma rifle. Consumes 2 Cell units per shot for more powerful plasma bolts than M1. It is also semiautomatic only.

Primary: Fire super plasma burst

Secondary: Plasma Flamethrower blast ("Plasmathrower")

Weapon Special: Dual-wield if two M2 Plasma Rifles are in player's possession

Weapon Upgrade: (Only in version 3.0) Replaces dual-wielding with "M2 Lightning Mode" which makes the gun fire electricity that hits multiple close targets instead of plasma. Extremely effective against hordes of weak enemies, not very useful against anything else; zombiemen don't always drop their guns when vaporised by lightning.

Is the Doom 3 Plasma Rifle.

Weapon entity name: 'M2PlasmaRifle', upgrade 'M2Upgrade'

UAC Cryogenic Dispersion Rifle (Slot 7)[edit]

Tier III weapon. A freezegun. Utilizes Cells.

Primary: Fire Ice Missile (slow rate of fire, large splash effect, 10 Cells per Missile)/Freeze Ray (rapid, focused attack)

Secondary: Switch to your side pistol and shatter frozen enemies at range

Weapon Special: Switch between Ice Missile and Freeze Ray modes.

Weapon entity name: 'FreezerRifle'

Railgun 2.0 (Slot 7)[edit]

Tier III weapon. Another Skulltag-familiar weapon. This heavy sniper weapon can pierce multiple enemies with a single shot. Powerful, but slow to fire repeatedly. Uses Cells to fire - 10 per shot.

In 3.0 the weapon has been overhauled. 60 cells in one clip, with a standard shot requiring 12 cells. Fire rate is also buffed, making it rather overpowered, but also can be an ammo hog.

Primary: Fire, or charge microwave beam.

Secondary: Zoom in with an electronic scope

Weapon Special: Toggle infrared vision when using the scope in version 2.03. In version 3.0, instead, you can switch to "Microwave Ray" mode, which creates fire, and can be charges. Is more efficient when used on weak enemies, but is not so much on stronger ones. Infrared vision is now activated by pressing the weapon special key while looking down the scope.

Weapon entity name: 'Rail_Gun'

BFG 9000 Mark IV (Slot 8)[edit]

Revamped classic BFG 9000, with a profile appearance akin to Doom film's BFG iteration. Features numerous fire modes. The contact laser mode has been removed in 3.0, presumably due to the railgun's microwave beam.

Primary: Fire (classic BFG blast, generate mobile energy shield, chargeable contact bolt)

Secondary: Alternative fire (small BFG bolt, generate stationary energy shield, strong contact bolt)

Weapon Special: Cycle between fire modes (Classic BFG, Guard Mode, and Contact Beam)

Weapon entity name: 'BFG9000' or 'BIG_FUCKING_GUN_MKIV'

BFG 11K Plasma Beam (Slot 8)[edit]

Tier III weapon. A specialized, prototype variant of BFG that focuses on rapid-firing capability. Resembling an energy minigun of sorts, BFG11K needs a moment to spin-up and cooldown after each volley, but compensates this downside with an extremely high damage-over-time potential.

Primary: Plasma Beam (ideal for large hordes)

Secondary: BFG Chaingun (ideal for larger enemies)

Weapon Special: N/A In version 3.0 shows "weapon special not available in classic mode!", even if you're playing on Project Brutality gamemode, instead of showing nothing, as the weapon special doesn't exist.

Weapon entity name: 'PlasmaBeam'

Black Hole Generator (Slot 8)[edit]

Tier IV weapon. A portable black hole launcher. Takes much time to fire, but its destructive power is unparalleled. Consumes 100 Cell units per shot.

Primary: Fire the black hole

Secondary: Lock in place the black hole you just fired, remotely

Weapon Special: N/A

Weapon entity name: 'BHGen'

Mancubus Flame Cannon/Unmaker (Slot 9)[edit]

Acquired by gibbing a Mancubus or Daedabus or their corpses. Compared to Brutal Doom, this version of the gun received an extra, toxic fire mode - trading range for extra damage. Both firemodes are available from the weapon looted from either a Mancubus or Daedabus.

Primary: Mancubus/Daedabus ball

Secondary: Flamethrower/Acid spit

Weapon Special: Cycle weapon modes (Mancubus Flame Cannon/Daedabus Acid Cannon)

Weapon Upgrade in version 3.0: Can be upgraded to a Unmaker:


Primary: Deadly beam/Fireballs

Secondary: different Fireballs/Flames

Weapon Special: Switch between Incineration/Inferno mode.

Weapon entity name: 'FlameCannon', upgrade 'Unmaker'.

Revenant Missile Launcher (Slot 9)[edit]

Acquired by gibbing a Revenant (either ordinary or the Beam variant) or its corpse. In addition to missiles, it also enables to fire precise energy beams. Like in the case of Mancubus Cannon, missile and beam firemodes are accessible through either regular or Beam Revenant-derived weapons.

Primary: Fire Seeker missile/single beam

Secondary: Fire unguided rocket/triple beam

Weapon Special: Cycle weapon modes (Seeker Missiles/Beamgun)

Weapon entity name: 'HellishMissileLauncher' -- the same name as in Brutal Doom.

Demon Tech Rifle (Slot 9)[edit]

Tier IV weapon. Hell's in-house small arms technology. Also called "Hell Rifle". Obtained solely from killed Demon Tech Troopers. Its ammo is derived from Demon Essence, collected from fallen demons. Demon Tech Rifle functions mostly akin to the plasma rifles, but differs from them in exotic projectile types and unique alternate attacks.

Primary: Fire Inferno (fire)/Caustic (acid) projectiles

Secondary: Fire a seeking spirit that will possess a monster to fight for you/Shrink Ray similar to Duke Nukem 3D. Shrink ray shot can be charged to allow it to shrink larger and larger enemies, and if fully charged, the shot deals splash-damage.

Weapon Special: Cycle weapon modes (Inferno/Caustic).

Weapon entity name: 'Hell_rifle' or 'InsanityRifle'.

Hand Grenades[edit]

On par with rockets in terms of damage. Along with Proximity Mines, they can be procured from special explosive ordinance boxes (found amongst Rocket Launcher ammo).

Entity name: 'HandGrenadeAmmo'

Proximity Mines[edit]

Plantable version of grenades, will detonate only when enemy enter their blast arc. Significantly more potent than hand grenades. Can be defused with Use key.

Entity name: 'MineAmmo'

Stun Grenades[edit]

Added in version 3.0

Grenades, which stun enemies, preventing them from attacking for a limited time. While stunned enemies will make pain noises, like if they get hurt by these grenades, but in reality stun grenades don't deal any damage.

This grenade uses a sprite that is a modified Doom 3 grenade sprite, it even uses the same throwing animation.

Entity name: 'StunGrenadeAmmo'


A secret equipment item added in version 3.0

Can be obtained by the command 'give leechgrenade'. (extremely rare when a Demon Trooper drops it, he needs to transform/dissappear. Unknown) When switching equipment, this item is simply called 'leech'. It functions in a different manner than the rest of the equipment items: It uses Demon energy/essence as ammo; when used it acts like the siphon grenade from Doom (2016), stealing enemy health and giving it to the player.

It appears to be some sort of young Cacodemon that is attached to Doomguy's fingers.

When picked up it says "What the fuck is this thing..?".

Entity name: 'LeechGrenade'


Thsese inventory items can be occasionally found in the place of Backpacks:

Combat Backpack[edit]

Provides large amounts of every type of ammo, increases ammo supply capacity even further than the standard Backpack and restores 50 HP.

Portable Medic Backpack[edit]

Works like the Duke Nukem 3D's Portable Medkit. Can restore up to 100 HP per piece (only a single Medical Backpack can be carried).

UAC Distress Beacon[edit]

Can summon Marines as NPC controlled allies (up to 3).

UAC Automatic Sentry Gun[edit]

A stationary machine gun platform that can be deployed to assist in holding certain positions. Can be destroyed, but if not destroyed, can be re-obtained by pressing the "use" key on it (picking it back as the special item that it is). Susceptible to friendly fire.

Swarmer & Electricity Pods[edit]

Two special types of grenade-like means of attack. Swarmer releases a pack of fast-cutting drones that move fast along the ground, whereas Electricity Pod launches bouncing robots that emit high-voltage pulses repeatedly. They both inflict extremely high damage to enemies in their area of effect, and last for about 10 seconds. As they both are very rare items, Swarmer and Electric Pods should be saved for most difficult engagements (e.g. immediate teleport ambushes - since these weapons can travel through teleports, like grenades do).


New Powerups[edit]

All of these powerups are randomly spawned from slain enemies:

Demon Essence/Energy[edit]

The most common powerup. Demon Essence/Energy is dropped by slain demons (Former Humans never leave this in version 2.03, but do in version 3.0). Comes in Lesser and Greater sizes. Lesser Demon Essence restores 2 AP, whereas Greater Demon Essence - 4 AP and 2 HP. Both varieties can empower you above health/armor limit of 100. Also provides ammo for Demon Tech Rifle and Unmaker (Lesser DE - 2 ammo units, Greater DE - 10 ammo units). Differently than other powerups, Demon Essence/Energy fades out in roughly a minute. Also ammo for the Leech.

Demon Strength Rune[edit]

Inherited from Brutal Doom. Heals 10 HP and grants Berserk effect for the remaining level. Drops more frequently than the rest of new powerups.

Quad Damage Sphere/DOOMSphere[edit]

Quadruples inflicted damage for 30 seconds. From Quake

Rage Sphere[edit]

Doubles the speed of all weapon animations (firing, reloading, other functions) for 30 seconds.

Time Sphere[edit]

Freezes enemies and projectiles in place for 10 seconds. Gives a golden tint over the screen. Seems to be randomly dropped only by some of the strongest of enemy variants (e.g. Black Imps, Flesh Wizards).

Revenant Morph Rune[edit]

Transforms the player into a Revenant. The Revenant has 800 HP and two attacks: a punch and its missile launchers. Also, you can use the Weapon Special command to activate its jetpack. Transformation lasts for around 60 seconds.

Baron of Hell Morph Rune[edit]


Turns the player into a Baron. Functions similar to the Brutal Doom counterpart.


Project Brutality also introduces "variant" types of each monster. These tend to sport increased strength and toughness over the original monster, as well as new abilities and powers. They can spawn with a varying frequency, depending on the chosen spawn setting.

Former Human Variants[edit]

The zombie-soldiers now utilize more varied tactics (e.g. throwing grenades, evasive rolls, crouch-fire). Their new variants are the most numerous, and come with widely different armaments:

Zombiemen variants:

  • Axe Zombie
  • Chainsaw Zombie
  • Pistol Zombieman
  • Helmet variants for Pistol and Rifle Zombiemen (attack with more aggression)
  • Minigun Zombieman
  • Rifle Commando
  • Plasma Rifle Commando
  • Carbine Zombieman

Sergeant variants:

  • Shield Sergeant
  • Pyro Sergeant
  • Rocket Sergeant
  • Helmet Sergeant (attacks with more aggression)
  • Z-Spec Ops
  • Quad Shotgun Cultist
  • Auto Shotgun Sergeant
  • Demon Tech Cultist
  • Suicide Bomber Sergeant (is created when a Rocket Sergeant loses his weapon)
  • Sergeant-piloted patrol vehicle (inspired by Pig Cop patrol vehicles from Duke Nukem 3D, spawn only from Rifle Commando distress beacons)

Commando variants:

  • Major (equipped with Nailgun)
  • Classic (functions more like the variant from the original game)
  • Helmet Commando (attacks with more aggression)

Wolfenstein-SS variants:

  • Evil Possessed Marine
  • Nazi

Imp Variants[edit]

Some Imp variants now have the ability to cling on ceilings.

There are several types of dark Imp. They can be identified due to the shape of their body and eye color:

  • The first variant (Basic):

It is known as Nami Dark Imp, this has the shape of the basic Imp, has yellow eyes and shoots plasma balls that chase slightly to its target.

  • The second variant (Basic 2):

It is known as St Dark imp, it has the form of one of the variants of the classic imp, it has red eyes and shoots more weak plasma balls but much faster and does not chase its target. Inspired by Skulltag’s Dark Imp

  • The third variant:

It is known as Void Dark Imp, The third variant is a Dark version of one of the variants of the classic Imp, has dark orange eyes and a slightly more intimidating appearance, is slower than the other variants but more resistant, shoots plasma balls that do moderate damage and no tracking.

  • The fourth variant:

It is known as Nether Dark Imp, It has the same appearance as the previous variant, but with green eyes, it is very resistant and also has two different attacks, the first one charges acid balls that take approximately 1 second and inflict damage that can vary from very low to high, the second attack takes the same as the first but instead of invoking acid balls invokes balls of electricity and plasma that travel at moderate speed and inflict very high damage that can reach 50 hp, caution is advised.

  • Savage Imp:

Has two extra names: Satyr (albeit Satyr is it's own thing, additional class name for the Savage Imp is indeed Satyr) or Soul Harvester; A gray, eyeless Imp with a large mouth that throws green acidballs and is faster than a basic Imp. The ancestor of all modern Imps, according to the lorebook.

  • Ice Imp:

Spawned only by Ice-Viles. Rapidly summons a ray of freeze that deals damage. Will explode into shards of ice on death. If not enough damage has been dealt to completely kill it, it will go into an 'hibernation' state whereas it becomes frozen and static, but after some time will be alive and kicking again. Weak against fire, completely immune from freeze damage.

  • Shadow

A rare Imp that can become invisible, and appears to be grey with red eyes and overall with a different shape than all other Imps. Also can attack using energy balls.

Also there are 3 additional basic Imp skins included, but they're purely cosmetic.

Lost Soul Variants[edit]

  • Phantasm: Has the same model with the Lost Soul but with green flames. Extremely relentless. Explodes on death, making it more dangerous in close combat. Created by Suffering Elementals.

Revenant Variants[edit]

Revenants now have the ability to float for a short period of time.

  • Beam Revenant: This Revenant is armed with a beam cannon, firing with deadly precision. The beam attack is weaker, but faster than homing missiles, and consequently it is especially difficult to dodge at longer ranges
  • Draugr Revenant: is a hellish version of the classic Revenant, has a much greater resistance and considerably greater damage, is armed with two guns on the shoulders that fire projectiles fire traveling at high speed.

(If the "Offending" key is used, it will get angry, becoming a temporary Revenant and triggering a quick succession of the basic Revenant rockets, then it will return to its normal state).

Demon Variants[edit]

Like a couple other monsters, in Project Brutality the Pinky Demon has a special 'agonized' state: sometimes after losing an arm (caused by depleting their health), a Pinky may become berserk and resume hostilities with increased celerity, but will expire soon from blood loss, even without causing anymore damage to it. According to the lorebook, basic Pinky Demons are female.

  • Blood Demon: Has large horns and is dark-reddish in color. Way more aggressive, it runs and bites much faster. Also has slightly more HP than original Pinky
  • Mech Demon: More similar to the original but with cybernetic legs and spiked armor plate along the spine. Has higher HP than its brethren
  • Void Spectre: This Spectre variant, while not the hardest or the most damaging is very fast and can easily confuse your target running from one side to another has a dark gray skin almost black and a large red eye similar to a cyclops. It is a bit more resistant than a classic Pinky but is considerably faster, unlike the other variants this can create a kind of hallucinations to confuse its opponent. It is recommended to keep it at bay

Cacodemon Variants[edit]

Project Brutality version of Cacodemon is able to evade slower projectiles, making it trickier to deal with.

  • Inferno Cacodemon: A magma-like version of Cacodemon. It shoots a fireball rather than a lightning ball. The fireball is slower, but bigger and thus harder to evade in tight quarters. Rarely, Inferno Cacodemon will summon Watchers (small critters that resemble fledgling Cacodemons and fire fast, purple energy pulses). Watchers can also spawn on occasion after their "parent's" death (much like how a Pain Elemental leaves some Lost Souls in the wake of its demise)
  • Afrit: Another floating, fire-elemental demon, that has a body similar to the upper part of a Baron of Hell. Has two types of attacks. One is fast fireball projectile and one is a concentrated fireball that deals more damage. Originates from Scythe 2.

Pain Elemental Variants[edit]

  • Suffering Elemental: Has the same body as Pain Elemental, but with green eyes and mouth. Summons Phantasms instead of Lost Souls
  • Trite Elemental: Roughly white-skinned version of Pain Elemental, with a characteristic, sewn-together mouth. Summons Trites (small, spider-like monsters that can swarm you easily if left unchecked)
  • Overlord: A very powerful demon that can kill the player quickly if not dealt with carefully. Resembles a black Cacodemon, but unlike them Overlord has six arms, and multiple attacks. First, its melee attack is extremely damaging. Secondly, it is able to teleport around to both avoid engaging the player, or to approach them up close quickly. Thirdly, it will fire a barrage of energy balls. Fourth, it can summon a powerful homing orb that deals a large amount of damage (the orb can be destroyed by shooting it). Finally, the Overlord can create a demonic shockwave that summons red lightning: seemingly moving at random directions, but still able to track the player. This lightning attack deals massive damage - possibly the most out of all monster attacks - and can kill even a well-prepared player within an instant

Mancubus Variants[edit]

  • Daedabus: A green-skinned Mancubus that fires toxic projectiles. Can inflict poison-like afterdamage upon the player. Has only one eye like Doom (2016) Mancubus
  • Volcabus: Dark-skinned version. Harder than his brothers and armed with demonic launchers that cast that hellish, skull-looking fireballs that travel at a very high speed and inflict very great damage, this variant has a melee attack which is a jump that inflicts very serious damage - high, however he will only use it against the players

Arachnotron Variants[edit]

  • Inferno Arachnotron: An Arachnotron that shoots Inferno bolts. These strike both faster and harder than ordinary plasma projectiles, turning this Arachnotron variant into a competent sniper
  • Arachnophyte: an Arachnotron similar in appearance to a black Mastermind Spider of aircraft type equipped with a heavy machine gun (Two in PB 3.0)
  • Elite Arachnotron 'Arachnoknight': The most powerful version. Has higher HP and shoots even more damaging barrages of dark matter plasma of purple color
  • Aracnorb: A smaller flying Arachnotron with no mechanical legs. Has green eyes, and fires green projectiles. Can also melee attack with biting if an enemy comes close. Only appears on Epic 2 WAD. Sprites and the general concept appears to be based off Octobrains featured in Duke Nukem 3D. Can also dodge projectiles similar to the Cacodemon.

Hell Knight Variants[edit]

Standard Hell Knight - in addition to the triple volley attack mentioned above - can now perform a charge attack: running and jumping at you while doing a hammer punch, for great damage. Moreover, sometimes he can - after losing an arm - enter a last stand stance and continue to hurl plasmaballs at you.

  • Cyber Hell Knight: Cyborg version of Hell Knight. More durable and equipped with a chaingun, freezegun and missile launcher.(if you are lucky in making a fatality the player can reprogram the Cyber ​​Knight to fight for his side for the rest of the level)
  • Cyber Paladin: Armed with a shield that can deflect a lot of your firepower. Also armed with a grenade launcher and fireball gun (installed into it's shield). Is an unique kind, because it's face resembles a lion instead of a goat that other Hell Knight and Baron of Hell faces resemble.

Baron of Hell Variants[edit]

Project Brutality Barons of Hell - much like their underlings Hell Knights - received an enhanced, alternate version of the plasmaball attack: a Baron will on chance fire a quintuple volley, with a wide spread.

  • Cyber Baron: Just like the Hell Knight, the Baron of Hell also has its own cyborg version. Cyber Baron's weapons include flamethrower and rocket launcher, but unlike Cyborg Hell Knight retains the ability to throw his plasmaballs. The Cyber Baron's appearance is almost similar to a Cyberdemon with one mechanical leg and one rocket launcher attached to its arm
  • Belphegor: This demon has 4 reptilian legs and is brown in color, appearing like a centaur version of Hell Knight. Belphegor is very fast, strong and able to launch more powerful energy balls with huge splash damage. Extremely deadly in tight quarters
  • Infernus: A fire-elemental demon similar to an orange Baron of Hell with black legs and hooves on fire. Infernus has several attacks: his first attack is a ball of infernal fire that can set fire to a target. His second attack is the same as the previous one but throws a bigger ball that takes a little more time. The third and last attack is to hit the ground which takes half a second and summon a wave of giant, orange fiery spikes that inflict around 80-100 HP and also have a very high range and leave everything on fire in its path inflicting less damage. The damage it inflicts is the one of the highest in the game and is almost impossible to evade in confined spaces. Extreme caution is recommended

Arch-Vile Variants[edit]

In Project Brutality, regular Arch-Viles have expanded skillset. In addition to their fire blast and resurrection spells, they can also spawn Imps or Afrits, perform a firecrawler attack or heal nearby demons.

  • Ice-Vile: Ice-elemental variant of Arch-Vile, tougher and faster than their relatives. Instead of sight-based fire blasts, Ice-Vile casts homing cryo-projectiles that cause a big splash damage. Uniquely, it can also summon Ice Imps, which are way more powerful and resistant compared to ordinary Imps. In addition, both Ice-Viles and Ice Imps will enter hibernation-like state if they sustain fatal damage, and will recover with partially restored health if not finished off quickly
  • Flesh Wizard: An ominous apparition that remains invisible except when attacking. Flesh Wizard moves at incredible speeds, trying to disorient and exhaust you before suddenly stopping and launching a blood-looking powerful projectile. It is also surprisingly resilient for its relatively small frame. Extreme caution is advised
  • Hellion: It is another variant of the Arch-Vile, this variant seems to be elemental infernal fire, it is strong orange in appearance and without horns and a long tail. Hellion has several attacks: the first one is a infernal fireball that does a high damage and travels to great speed. The second attack is very similar to the common attack of the Arch Vile, but inflicts considerably more damage. Its last attack usually serves to mislead the prey, since in this Hellion travels at a huge speed - using fire as the conduit - setting fire on its path

Spider Mastermind Variants[edit]

  • Demolisher: Upgraded version of Spider Mastermind. Armed with twin gatling cannons that shoot explosive rounds. But most dangerously, it also can fire BFG 9000 blasts
  • Juggernaut: A grey Mancubus (formerly the skin for the Daedabus before PB 2.0) mounted on a tank apparatus. Armed with two massive miniguns taking the place of the twin cannons and dual rocket pods on the sides of the chassis. Can crush player by driving over them with tank. Extremely durable and also fast for its size, Juggernaut necessitates an enormous amount of punishment to be brought down
  • Super Mastermind: It is a version equal to the classic Spider Mastermind, only that much bigger and considerably more resistant, only appears as a boss in the remastered version of the final level of Doom 1

Cyberdemon Variants[edit]

  • Annihilator: A Cyberdemon with two mechanical legs and rocket launchers instead of it's two hands. With two rocket launchers on hand, Annihilator can fire twice as fast, making him even more dangerous than a normal Cyberdemon and arguably the most dangerous foe in Project Brutality
  • Cyberdemon Lord Of Deimos: This version is very similar to the classic version with the difference of being much bigger and more resistant compared to the common one, just as the classic Cyberdemonium has the ability to crush your target if it approaches, only appears as a boss in the new Remastered final level of the Tower of Babel

New changes in Project Brutality 3.0[edit]

Here is a list of some of the changes made in the mod for the future 3.0 version:

  • Ledge-grabbing player ability (the player character will automatically mantle upon ledges if they jump and reach the edge at arms' height).
  • New weapons: Excavator, replacing Heavy Grenade Launcher; and Nailgun, replacing HMG. (The Nailgun has a secondary fire that shoots 20 nails at once in a shotgun-like spread. Its weapon special switches it to "harpoon mode", which shoots harpoons that deduct 20 ammo with every shot. Its secondary fire heats up the nail and imbues the fired harpoon with shield piercing properties.)
  • The Weapon Special for the Railgun switches it into microwave mode, which features multiple charge levels. Also SMG's Weapon Special laser sight has been replaced with dual wielding. Similarly, LMG's Weapon Special laser sight has been replaced with the ability to switch to 'Belt Mode', whereas the weapon no longer needs to reload, but is less accurate and aiming down sights is no longer possible.
  • New weapon upgrades: magazine upgrade (comes along with Dragon's Breath ammo type) for Pump Shotgun, Quad Shotgun for Sawed-Off Shotgun, Underbarrel Grenade Launcher for DMR, M1 Dark Matter Plasma Rifle for M1 Plasma Rifle, Lightning Gun mode for M2 Plasma Rifle, Unmaker Cannon for Mancubus Cannon, Desert Eagle for Revolver.
  • Various weapon changes, including balance tweaks and visual overhauls.
  • New powerups: Haste, Quad Damage/DOOMSphere, Baron of Hell Transformation Rune.
  • New monster variants: Chainsaw Zombie, Savage Imp, Draugr (Revenant variant), Void Spectre, Infernus (Baron of Hell variant) and Hellion (Arch-Vile variant).
  • Implementation of ZMovement

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