Project MSX


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Project MSX is a gameplay mod created by MagSigmaX. It was released in 2013 and won Best Gameplay Mod at that year's Cacowards.

Project MSX is intended to add a modernized FPS tone to Doom combat. All characters have vastly enhanced speed and firepower, and the player is given self-recharging shields and new movement commands for evasion. The HUD is also replaced with Halo-style "space helmet" overlays.

The current package is constructed for solo play only; users have reported getting deathmatches to run, but with many features missing. Full multiplayer support is one of many improvements planned by the author (strictly speaking all releases to date are marked as betas).

GZDoom version 1.8.0 is recommended by the readme file. An unauthorized Zandronum conversion, by Korshun and Monsterovich, appeared in 2014.

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